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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by dayli, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Dear community,

    i am trying some days to disable the chat for a group, but i found no solution that works fine for me.

    I use permissionex, essentials, worldguard and so on. I have no specific chat plugin. Has bukkit a permission node for the chat?

    Has anyone an idea, how i can mute a single group?

    Thank you foru your help.

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    Has anyone an idea?

    Thank you
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    You should get a chat plugin that uses channel and remove the permission to use the global channel and that should stop that group from chanting.
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    you can use permissionsex + modifyworld which come with the package

    and than you need give to all groups permission like this

    - modifyworld.*

    but to groups you want to be muted you give negative permission
    - modifyworld.*

    and so they cant chat but even so they need both permissions and negative permission will be listed below it wont work

    cause pex read from top to bottom so negative permissions need to be 1st
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