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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by bossomeness, Dec 6, 2014.

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    Name: PVPPoints

    Description: Mechanics

    Description: I would like a plugin that has a simple points system centered around pvp.

    The player starts off with a certain amount of "points". As the player kills other players, they gain a certain amount of points (fixed or percentage amount, if percentage, the points round up). However, when players die, they lose points.

    The owner can also set what happens (a command to execute) at a certain number of points. So after a player obtains a certain number of points, a command is executed.

    There should also be a chat prefix that can be set in the config, and enabled or disabled. This should be compatible with EssentialsChat.

    For example, Jim and Bob both start out with 1000 points. Jim kills Bob 27 times. Jim gains 5 points for each time he kills Bob. Jim now has 1135 points while Bob has 865 points. Let's say an admin set up a rule that gives a player 5 diamonds if they have 1100 points. Jim is given 5 diamonds for having that amount of points.

    Example Config:
    #Amount of points the player starts out with
    starting-points: 1000
    #The mode in which points are gained/lost (percentage or fixed)
    gain-mode: percentage
    #The fixed amount/percentage my which the amount of points is gained/lost
    point-increment: 5
    #Whether or not the chat prefix is enabled; should work with EssentialsChat
    chat-enabled: true
    #Prefix used in the chat
    chat-prefix: &7[&6{points}&7]
    #The commands executed when a certain number of points is reached; can also work in the negative direction (900, 800, 700, ...)
    #  (amount of points):
    #    - /(command 1)
    #    - /(command 2)
    #    - /(command 3), etc...
        - /econ give {player} 50
        - /give {player} 264 1
        - /manuadd {player} pro
        - /econ give {player} 200
    #Can have unlimited number of "point levels"
    Commands: /points (check your points), /points reload (reloads the config)

    Permissions: pvppoints.check, pvppoints.reload
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    xepisolonxx I'll test that one out, but it doesn't look like the player's level is able to go down. It also appears that the rewards for leveling up aren't very flexible, meaning executing a command.

    I would like something a little more along the lines of this. http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/pvppoints/
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