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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by PainSlice, Sep 15, 2021.

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    Hey Guys so im Searching for an Plugin that if someone Kills an Player yes Killing not by Falling or anything else
    The Player who gets killed drops an Item like an Emerald or something
    If there is no plugin out there that someone knows then maybe someone can code it ?
    Looking up for Answers :)
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    Hey @PainSlice I can code it for you if you didn't found anything by now. Just let me know :)
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    What version of MC is this for? Surprisingly I'm not finding many updated versions of this. Also do you want the drops to change ever (for example, extra diamonds on someone who has a killstreak of 5 or something)?

    Also can you follow the format a little more; makes life easier.
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    Hey guys thanks for the Reply´s sorry my English is bad, uhm im making an Server and i got no Dev´s so im Learning it myself now.
    @Dai_Kunai Thanks for you Comment got me some new Ideas
    sorry that i interrupted you guys.

    How to close this Thread? xD

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