PVP Outposts with Hacking Terminals! Make PVP Worth Something!

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    Indeed :D
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    This look EPIC !! Need to Work with Spout, then you could:
    -Having a Music when your faction win or lose an outpost
    -Maybe a gui for the Hacking part ? IT WOULD BE F*CKIN' AWESOME !
    -Got a text on the screen (the admin could choose where you can have it,this way it could interact with others Spout plugin :D ) when you're near of an outpost or for the end of te Hacking part (could have a music too for this part)
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    Also, could you add a way for hacking on chests?

    That would be awesome, because then you could have chest protection that is really hard to break.
  4. I've finally finished with the doors, and the cores should work. (in theory, I have not tested them yet)
    Does anyone have any suggestions? (rewards, for example)
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    Could implement Vault for economy money rewards.
  6. Most of the things I had in mind are done, and I'll attach the .jar file for people to give feedback.

    Current features: (that I can think of right now)
    • A group system (very simple groups, I'll add support for dedicated group plugins)
    • Hackable doors
    • Capturable outposts
    • A simple API
    Todo list:
    • Support for plugins like Factions and Towny
    • Info signs for cores?
    • Rewards (money)
    • Teleporting directly to the cores
    • Give some information about the outpost upon entering
    Permission nodes:
    1. pvplus.*:
    2. description: Gives access to all of PvPlus
    3. children:
    4. pvplus.groups.*: true
    5. pvplus.outposts.*: true
    6. pvplus.groups.*:
    7. description: Gives access to all group commands
    8. children:
    9. pvplus.groups.join: true
    10. pvplus.groups.manage: true
    11. pvplus.outposts.*:
    12. description: Gives access to all outpost commands
    13. children:
    14. pvplus.outposts.manage: true
    15. pvplus.groups.join:
    16. description: Allows you to join groups.
    17. default: true
    18. pvplus.groups.manage:
    19. description: Allows you to manage groups.
    20. default: op
    21. pvplus.outposts.manage:
    22. description: Allows you to manage and modify outposts.
    23. default: op

    1. pvplus:
    2. description: Main command for PvPlus.
    3. aliases: pvp
    4. groups:
    5. description: Manage and join groups.
    6. aliases: [pvpgroups, pgroups]
    7. outposts:
    8. description: Manage and join groups.
    9. aliases: [pvpoutposts, poutposts, outpost, pvpoutpost, poutpost]

    Basic information:
    • Use /groups to create/join groups.
    • Use /outposts to create an outpost.
    • Create a sign with [PvPlus Door] on the first line, adjacent to a door and right click the sign to hack the door.
    • Create a sign with [PvPlus Core] on the first line and right click the sign to capture the outpost.
    Known caveats:
    • I've just noticed that you can only place doors on one side of the sign, this should be easy to fix though.
    Please let me know what you think of it in its current state.
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    NICE! Definitely this needs the money support, and it needs integration with towny or factions! This looks great man, thanks!
  8. I'm glad you like it! :) I'm working on this about an hour a day and I'm slowly making progress
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    Hi I'm glad to see work is being done on this awesome plugin. But I was wondering if you could add the ability for the faction to earn certain items instead of money. I had this idea for the nether so factions could get resources otherwise unobtainable in that realm. Then they would build their bases near the outposts and defend them with their lives . I know this may get complicated but as long as you add the items i can work around other issues thanks !

    also i am a noob at working with plugins I was wondering if someone could make a tutorial on how to use this thanks again !

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  10. In case people forgot, you can track the plugin's progress here: https://github.com/coolblinger/PvPlus/commits/master

    I don't think I'm going to add such a specific thing to the plugin. You'd probably be better off setting up shops in the nether or looking for an other plugin that lets people pay a certain price for random items.

    EDIT: I also can't find any documentation on (the API of, if there is any) Towny and Factions, so this plugin will use its own group system until someone can point me into the right direction. ;)
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    ok thank you for replying so quickly I cna see the problem i think shops are a better idea anyway
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    Could you upload an updated .jar for this plugin? I'd really like to use it on my new server.
  13. It's not done yet, and I honestly forgot about it in the past few weeks. (it still needs a few adjustments)

    Feel free to download the source and compile it yourself if you'd like to try it out in its current state. (you'd need Maven for that)

    I think most things are done. I attached the plugin and I'd appreciate it if people would look for bugs or things that could be added.
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    Coolblinger, I'm sure you could ask them about what you need in the towny IRC. It's Esper.net #towny
  15. I've finally found it. It should not be very hard to make it use Towny's groups.
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    SWEET! :D

    When I was testing this plugin, I found that the PvP areas and the groups did not save. Just letting you know. Otherwise, it was great!
  17. Be sure to stop the server using the /stop command or else they won't save.
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    Could simpleclans support be added(or just make yours good)? Like you cant attack allys and the owner of the clan can hit a sign which gives him the money that gets counted up on a sign. Because that means people might find it has lots of money to be claimed and take it over which is better, i also love the teleport idea :D

    Also if your having prefixes can you make it so it just changes the name. so instead of Nazerb it would be Clan.Nazerb beacuse then it it compatible with chat plugins?
  19. You can't hit your allies and moneyshould be added automatically.

    I also forgot to mention that you can chat with your group by prefixing your chat with an '@'.
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    I think an important feature for me is to enable capturing/gold rewards with a minimum amount of players. I only have 5 players on my server and it would be good to make it a minimum of 3 players before the 'game' started.

    Also how are the rewards going? I think the best option is to integrate it with IConomy and perhaps allow the owner of the outposts to be rewarded money over time.

    BUT HELL, this is the best plugin ever created.
  21. You'd have to make everyone a group. And the rewards are done using Register. You can set the amount of money to be awarded on capture/over time in the config.
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    Just tested it out actually, everything about it seems almost finished to me.
    Absolutely loving the functions and I'll definitely be using it.

    Is it possible to add the minimum amount of players for the plugin to become 'active' (as in give gold, allow captures etc)?
    This is the only thing stopping me from using it at this stage as I want to avoid 'cheating' by players logging in at random times.

    There should also be a command or sign that displays the owner of all the outposts (unsure if /outposts list does this)
  23. (don't expect a lot from me, I stopped playing months ago :p)

    A player limit sounds like a good idea and I forgot to add the owner in the 'now entering'/'now leaving' messages.
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    Haha not expecting alot from you I hope.
    These few touches might make the plugin pretty popular if you released it officially :p

    Did some further testing with 5 of my players, they noted mainly:
    1. Minimum players needs to be in to stop 'cheating'
    2. Warping has to be enabled to outposts, or else there's no way to defend it.

    Otherwise they reported no bugs and they love the plugin :)

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    I just think it would be better if money counted up on a sign, so if your not there for a while someone can take it over and steal the money :D
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    I setup the plugin with the PhatLoot plugin to place replenishing treasure chests in each outpost (5 total).
    Also stupid me, I just noticed the groups teleport command :p

    Some further feedback (the plugin is actively used on my server now):
    1. When a fort is captured it seems to announce 'true' to the server globally (bug?).
    2. There should be a global announcement when a fort is being attacked/captured.
    3. Not sure how to implement player limit (maybe an option to not allow breaching/capturing if player is offline?
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    Is there an ETA on the towny portion?

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