PVP Outposts with Hacking Terminals! Make PVP Worth Something!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Kane, Sep 20, 2011.

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    I thought about this for about 30 seconds.. Well not really I had these ideas for another game called Fallen Earth but they rather kill their game off... But I found an idea or suggestion for PVP...

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    Sadly something like this was completed already, but the stupid bukkit forums decided to error, and the dev lost 2 of 4 packages of it :(
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    :O Well really with this idea above I only need some kind of sign hack system that opens doors. Besides that really everything else is world guard and such.
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    Bump for the best fucking idea on earth. This should be haha :p
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    if this is being made, you should add a wireless sign to the clan's main base, so they can see it and not just from the actual output. to do this, you could put a transmitter sign next to the doorhack sign. also, you could do a kind of "eavesdropping system, so if another group break another clan's password, they can access their information
  6. I like it, but wouldn't it lagg the server a lot with all the hack threads and update all the signs?
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    Sounds like PlanetSide.
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    Not sure would it not be possible to put it in its own thread so it causes no lag? I'm no programmer but I assume this could be done pretty clean.

    I know 100's plugins keep count and etc how bad is it to update a sign with information?

    My suggestion try to make a randomize sign generator with update calculations on them all random and test it out hehe.
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    bump :(
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    I don't like this idea I am sorry, far too unmanageable and could possibly cause chaos.
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    That is the point. It's suppose to be hardcore PVP chaos haha. Capture key points and hold them around the world and get credits or something else <3
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    I like this idea. It reminds me of Anarchy Online.
  13. I'm bored, and I wanted to write a (world) PvP plugin.
    Could I please borrow this idea? It's awesome! :D
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    Little late but I hope lots people use this idea and create something near it or far from it but we need some more damn PVP mods ASAP lol.

    @Rigby90 would you consider adding or asking who is in charge of adding a new filter for plugins that would be Player vs Player maybe even Player vs Environment or Monsters.

    Would really help narrow down more PVP/PVE plugins I think the system now is to event filtering and not enough I guess generic in ways hehe.
  15. It's almost done, I did not have much time to work on plugins in the past few months.
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    Sweet looking forward. Wish more people be into creating pvp plugins.
  17. Sorry for it taking so long, it seems I get distracted really quickly. Most of it is done already. (I just finished with the doors)
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    I love this idea, and I'm really glad it's actually getting done! I have some reccomendations/requests however. I would LOVE it if this plugged in with Towny to make the groups for the plugin, and I would especially enjoy it if it gave a configurable amount of coins per hour to the towns coffers.
  19. It currently uses it's own group system, but I'm going to add Factions support, and I'm planning on giving gold ever x minutes to the group/Faction (you can link towns to Factions, right?) that currently owns outposts.
  20. I'm REALLY busy right now, and did not have much time to work on this plugin. I've got one question though, would it be a problem if this plugin requires Spout? I'm finding it hard to control doors using Bukkit's API, and Spout has got a few methods that allow you to power blocks.

    EDIT: Spout's setBlockPowered method seems to be broken a.t.m.
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    I can do it, hacking doesn't sound too hard ^.^
  22. If you do, please try to fix/continue with this (and submit changes as pull requests ;)).
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    This looks really great. It will be open source, right?
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  26. I'm not quite finished yet, outposts are not captureable yet and you don't get any rewards for doing so.
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    any progress on this? I'm very excited.
  28. No, I'm sorry, I'm still really busy, but I've got some time to work on it in the evening.

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