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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by sgavster, Sep 15, 2013.

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    I'd like to not that I have no idea if this is the correct section to post this in; please let me know if it is not.
    Hi everyone! I was wondering, on my server I run a solid 20.00 TPS. When I start PvPing it lags like crap! I've gotten to 3 TPS! I'm not sure what's causing it.. I have 93 plugins, (which I know is a lot) on a 1.5gb server. I think it should be enough.. If anyone knows a plugin that causes this or something please let me know! If you need me to list some plugins, please let me know! And yes, this is hosted off of beastnode. Thanks for any help!

    jordanzilla02 I removed 33 plugins; still lag when PvPing.
    Most of the plugins are small, so idk why.

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    Try testing with a very minimal setup. For example, essentials, worldguard and your preferred choice of permissions plugin and see if the problem still occurs. If TPS stays at 20, add another plugin. Keep doing this until you've found the culprit.
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