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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: PvP kill counter

    What I want: I want this plugin to be compatible with the survival games plugin.
    They should get points by killing players and it shows the points in front of the person's name whenever they chat.For example if I kill someone I get 10 points and so on..
    When a player dies they lose points.
    (but if there is a plugin already like this then please tell me)

    Ideas for commands: /leaderboard-to show who has the most points.

    Ideas for permissions: pvp.leaderboard

    When I'd like it by: In about 1-2 weeks.
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    I like the idea! Wish I had time to code it :mad:
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    I thought someone should make a plugin like this.
    The official survival games servers have something like this but i am not sure what it is.

    I really want this plugin...

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    I started fooling around with this this afternoon.
    I got the points system working as a proof of concept (minimum value of 0, increases by 10 upon kill, decreases by 10 upon death(only if killed by a player)) and have the points displayed off to the right of whatever the person says.

    Now i just need to figure out how to put the points in front of the name,try to see if i can't make it more resilient to other chat programs overwriting it's changes, and work on making the point retention system more stable.

    I'll see if I can finish it in the way you envisioned.

    edit: ok I woke up this morning and managed to improve the saving process, the plugin should not roll back upon server crashes, im still working on the location of the text though

    Ok I got the text working so long as no other chat program is installed, now I just have to try to make it so that the simpler chat programs (like essentials) will not restrict the functionality of this plugin.

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    ok here is a simple download link to the plugin (as .jars cannot be attached) if you want to test it, it still has a lot of room for improvement (better code, clean up code, add more features, ect.), but it should be workable enough for you to look at it.

    If you want me to continue working on the issue of chat compatibility I can try to find a way to make it compatible with essentials ect. (like factions somehow did)

    I also still need to add in the permissions node for the /leaderboard command

    however everything else works and should be stable so this is a type of progress snapshot.

    if you want to give me a link to the survival games plugin that you mentioned I will test compatibility myself(as i can not be sure i have the same one without a link)


    if you have any issues with the points not appearing in-front of player names, it is most likely because you have some other chat plugin installed, removing that should fix that issue.

    edit: permissions support added, download link remains the same.
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    ok thanks a million!!:)

    One more thing is it compatible with essentials yet
    and i think you should carry on with the plugin it woulg be a great plugin for survival games.

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    I think Elo rating is better idea than points. Simple fact about elo is, higher elo its a lot harder to get, cause its going up slower and slower.
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    I tested it and it was really good.Can you pleeease keep working on it.
    This could turn into a major plugin.
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    Hmmm I like it.
    I will use this......for now
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    ive been really busy with school this week (midterm exams) but i think i can continue working on essentials integration( i have a couple ideas) ill let you know once i get that working

    edit: I got it working with Essentials now, here is the new link

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    Great !
    Its really good!:)
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    Glad to hear it, the source is in the jar if anyone wants to look at it.
    Also feel free to suggest formatting and feature improvements and I will try to add them.

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