PvP Arena - Item Drop Prevent?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Siickest, Apr 5, 2014.

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    Is it possible to prevent items to drop in a arena? Aswell as Experince? Whondering..

    I am talking about when they die.
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    WorldGuard has a way to make it so that a protected region can't have dropped items in it...

    Not sure about the experience...
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    I know you can set a gamerule but that usually goes for the current world that you are in. You could create a new world for your PvP arena where players keep Items on Death.
    I believe the command is
    /gamerule KeepInventory allow

    It is case sensitive it might be keepInventory
    Either one, but that is up to you.

    Also I am unsure about experience not being dropped, I do not think that is possible with World Guard as I do not see it in any of the flags.
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    Well. I've made a PvP arena at the spawn. People can Pvp and everything but their items is dropt. I want to type a flag at the pvp arena so they don't drop.. I tried /region flag pvp item-drop deny but did not work

    I am talking about when they die.. :S

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    Try redefining your region once you add the flag.

    /rg redefine regionname

    If it asks you to select the region (sometimes it requires it)
    /region select regionname

    In my opinion I think world guard is broken with some of the flags...
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    I don't believe it's possible to stop on death item drop with world guard.
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    SirRadget You can't drop items by pressing Q .. But I want it to be .. That If they die, they don't loose their inventory
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    I still don't think you can... You will probably just have to do as I said before.
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    Might be under flags
    Might be in the config
    You'd have to look in the wiki. Again, I'm not entirely sure.
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