Purchased new servers, linux or windows?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by MikeA, May 22, 2012.

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    I recently I purchased two additional dedicated servers. I plan to move my Minecraft server to one of them. Each server is the same, E3-1230, 16gb ram, 128gb ssd. One has CentOS 6, one has Windows 2008 Standard.

    My question, should I use Linux or Windows? I do know that CentOS is lightweight, reliable and most stable, and I've been using CentOS on my server for over a year.

    Would Windows render any better reliability, stability, and better protection?

    By the way, both servers have a super awesome connection :p


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    No doubt, linux
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    Linux -- CentOS. But hay, there's always MineOS!
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    I would never trust an operating system based around minecraft.
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    Doesn't hurt to try though, now does it?
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    MineOS Crux is impeccable. I absolutely loved it when I used it. But, I prefer windows by far. :) 2008 R2 ftw.
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    Just use what is the best option for you to use, they both work fine.
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    Nathan C

    Linux for sure, especially since you only have 16 gigs of RAM, I would not want to waste any with hoggish Windows. I would never host anything with Windows.

    Although I once heard from some host that Windows performs better in Java applications. This may not be true though.

    MineOS is made for Linux noobs. It does everything the same as a normal Linux distro.
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    I'm actually downgrading from 24GB and a nice E3-1270 CPU :[
    Anyways I am sticking with centos, I am going to use my Windows server as a file server or a server for another game mod that's popular right now.
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    Eh. I use CentOS, personally, I do like MineOS' overhead, though.
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    I feel sorry for you.
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    I've used both, but Windows likes to hog memory, so I stick with CentOS ;)
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    Windows... 8? Over Linux? I'm sorry, I lol'd.
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    It's probably better for low-end pcs, as well. (I.e. Oldschool 2000, un-upgraded boxes. I have one in my room as a test server, though as I said, low-end pcs.)
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    You clearly don't know how to properly read an internet post.
    WINDOWS 2008
    Windows 2008 is a SERVER Operating System.
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    Makes me a bad reader, hokay. I wasn't referring to your post OP. Any who, Windows 2008 is and has always been lacking behind Linux. I say Linux.

    Edit: Don't see post anymore I responded too. lol.
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    I already made my decision, I was just seeing what peoples opinions were really. I use my Windows server as a large mirror server for a game.
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    Go Linux. Orginally, Linus Torvalt (Creator of Linux Kernel) aimed Linux to be for networking. And, when you go Linux...I suggest you go either CentOS, or RedHat. (Either way, Cent is based off RedHat.)
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    Linux. End of thread :p.

    You too funny man.


    Okay, to be fair Windows would be simpler to manage if you are more comfortable in that environment, and will save you the headaches of configuring a *nix box. Other than that there's no practical difference other than the software that is available for the two platforms. A properly maintained/secured linux box will perform as well as the same properly maintained/secured Windows box for all intensive purposes.
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    All FUD aside, its what you are most familiar with.

    I prefer Linux, because I can eliminate the GUI which gives me more resources I can allocate elsewhere instead of running the OS. You could use Windows Server Core for the same purpose, but usually people want to use Windows because they are familiar with the look and feel. A core edition has no GUI, so you'll have to get used to dos commands. For me, I want to squeeze as much as I can out of my server for running Minecraft.

    Also, its hard to beat a free OS verses licensing Windows. If you're pirating Windows to run Minecraft, you are doing it wrong.
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    Scripting too, Linux is was better at that then Windows.
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    If you are more familiar with Windows Server, go for it, as it will probably save time not learning a new system, otherwise Linux
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