Protected City world with plots?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by CrashNT, Dec 12, 2011.

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    I have a awesome infinite plots generated world.
    I want to have the whole world protected from grief. I want only those who have a plot only able to build on their 64x64 plot. Any ideas on how to best achieve this?
    Right now the only protectd areas are the regions I set with world guard for the few members homes. Which isn't the best option because all the roads get griefed occasionally :(
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    The only way you can achieve this is by protecting all the roads then protecting the plots individually then adding your guest to the region plot they are building on.
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    I was afraid of this :( lol. Well thanks anyways. Hopefully a new plugin will be developed for this ;)
    Or maybe adding a option to the config file to disallow building unless on a owned region *hint hint* lol
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    Try using this?
    This plugin takes some time to get used to but it's worth it
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    Looks promising! Thanks for the post. I will be trying this out
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    Your still going have to claim land with towny, but it may be easier than worldguard.
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    Towny is good for a city built on a perfect grid, of whatever size grid squares. You can't allow for roads between plots without the roads taking up an entire plot themselves, which you could do with WorldGuard. Towny plots have to be perfect squares, and of uniform size across the server, though the size can be changed via the config. Towny makes self-administration a bit easier as well, though I have found it a pain to update.
  8. From a world generating plugin? If so maybe this plugin could be extended to put fences around the plots? Then a sign with some predefined lines to the plugins world populator and BananaRegion will do the rest for you.
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