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    I need a property plugin that I can use to rent properties on my server. I want it kept simple and to be compatible with Vault, WorldGuard and Essentials Economy.

    Also have it so I can have a cap on how many regions someone can rent at 1 time.

    /property list - Shows info on your properties.
    /property extend [property name] - Extend rent time.
    /property tp [property name] - Tp to property.

    Sign Format:
    <region name>

    Sign Example:
    4 days

    Time Values:
    secs, mins, hours and days

    I would also like that once you rent a property the sign will disappear until the property expires.

    /property extend [property name]
    Success - &7Successfully extended rent time.
    Failed - &7You do not own this region.

    /property tp [property name]
    Success - &7Teleported to property.
    Failed - &7You can not teleport here.

    /property list
    This will display the propertys you currently own. It will show you how long is left and how much it will cost to renew to the max rent time.
    &7--------------- &aProperties &7------------------------

    &7Name: &a<region name>
    &7Extend Price: &a$<Price>
    &7Expires in: &a<time till expires>
    &7Max rent time: &a<property time>


    &7--------------- &aProperties &7------------------------

    &a/property list &7- Shows info on your properties.
    &a/property extend [property name] &7- Extend rent time.
    &a/property tp [property name] &7- Teleport to property.


    Would this be hard to make?

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  2. Neokilla You can only bump every 24 hours.
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    Sorry wasn't meant to bump it was at the top already. Just didn't know if anyone could do this because of all the views and no replies.
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    I want the signs to disapear after being rented so people don't know when it expires. I also don't like how you can sell the shop back. But the concept is exactly what I want.
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    You have to search around BukkitDev before you post.

    This plugin might be the one you're looking for: (works for 1.7.10)

    If not, you might as well try a plot plugin. PlotMe (also works for 1.7.10). It's the best one out there. Though, I think the previously stated plugin, AreaShop would be better for you.

    Look, bumping means if you reply to your thread without answering/replying to anyone else's post, or adding something to your thread before anyone has even replied to your thread, or within the same day (before 24 hours).

    You could easily just have added the text "Would this be hard to make?" in the first post with the Edit button.
    Next time, please consider editing your post rather than replying to it. :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Wops, my bad. Thank you for correcting me, I've corrected it now. :)
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    I'm requesting my own plugin because I want only those commands and the same color theme and options.
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    You can't just request a plugin that already exist just because you want a few extra features or tweaks.
    You should rather go and tell the developer of AreaShop what features you want, and just use AreaShop like it is for now.
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    I don't want extra features. I just want a basic plugin for renting only.
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    AreaShop is a basic plugin for renting only. Well, you can buy and rent properties, but it's still pretty basic. It's for making properties that players can buy or rent. It's really awesome; I use it myself.
    (now it's just sounding like I'm advertising for them or something, but I'm not :p )
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    PapiDimmi Nice that you like the plugin, I can tell you that version 2.0.1 takes this plugin to the next level. Check the changelog to see what all has been added. This version has been uploaded on 27 august but is still waiting for approval (should not take long anymore).

    All the features Neokilla wants are in the plugin, he just has to configure the following things:
    • Create command aliases to get '/property buy' instead of '/as buy' etc.
    • Change the config to setup the prices and options you want (also changing the chat prefix which can change the color of all messages behind it)
    • Change the language file to change the rest of the colors and possibly change messages
    • Take away permissions from players so that they cant use commands you don't want (if the player does not have permission then the command is also gone from the help page, /as help, for that player. That is also why you see a lot of commands as OP)
    • Sign format is already as you want, but can be changed if necessary (version 2.0+)
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