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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Bjornke, Jul 22, 2012.

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    I do not want to sound like I haven't waited, but when I see that some projects have updated as recently as 15 minutes ago, I'm curious as to why my project file is still waiting for approval when over a dozen have updated within the last 10 hours and mine is still waiting at 14 hours.


    BukkitDev username: Bjornke
    File conforms to all guidelines as well, has a change-log, has a version in it's name and everything.
    Project Page: ZombieSurvival

    So disappointing. This isn't the first time my files have been lost, every time I've uploaded a file I've waited more than 6 hours for it to be approved while I watch other mods get approved in as few as 15 minutes :(
    40 views and still no one helps? 16 hours I've been waiting and other plugins have updated as soon as 37 minutes ago.
    Jacek Milkywayz
    Can you explain to me how the approval system works, since every-time I upload I wait longer than 90% of other developers.
    Not trying to be rude but I try to upload new fixes and features and then I get hounded by folks as to why the download still isn't available and all I can do is point the finger at you guys and offer them my dropbox link.

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    Sometimes file approvals take time. I do not start to worry until its over 24 hours.

    Your file will be looked over and approved as soon as possible.
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    I like to imagine, when it takes 9 hours to approve my texture pack, that the mod reviewing it is just off playing with it and forgets to click approve... hehe
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    Not sure why your file took longer, but files do not simply get "lost", nor do we ignore them. Furthermore, I thought I did make it clear that I wasn't around right now to deal with this on my profile, soooo tagging people who aren't here wont really help. Sorry about your file, but its not fair to make accusations like that unless you actually know what is going on. Just be patient; we don't exclude or ignore people.
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    Can we stop requesting BukkitDev staff to look at our plugins and instead just wait?
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    Ah, but the issue is that BukkitDev gives the false impression that your plugins will be processed in a short amount of time. And I quote, "Our administrators will be reviewing your project any minute now."

    My previous plugin was approved in much less time than a day. I'm mostly just wondering what is taking this one so long.
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    This is so true. If they changed they're message to something like "Your project will be reviewed within the next 48 hours" 90% of the complaint's of being under review would be alleviated if they just told it how it was. Making empty promises that things get reviewed shortly, isn't working for the BukkitDev staff because when you do say things like "any minute now" and then it takes 2 days you will make people upset. Period.
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    Pyho Bjornke
    We are a group of volunteers. Sometimes files are very quick, sometimes they take a while, it really depends how many of us are around each day. Right now the team is steadily working through the large influx in files and projects due to 1.3.1. You will get a PM on DBO if there are concerns with your project or file. We really appreciate your patience as we work through the queue.
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    Ah, I see. I'm new to all this, so I wasn't sure if there was a problem or not. I guess I'll just wait around a bit longer next time.

    Sorry for your troubles! D:

    P.S. And thanks to you and all of the other Bukkit/Curse/BukkitDev staff for your support. :D
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