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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by findus1994, Aug 16, 2011.

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    Hey Guys,

    just a little question.
    We're searching a plugin, which enables running a self programmed Chip.
    Like a microcontroller.

    If somebody knows something like this (for example in Craftbook ... but it isn't imported yet) it would be great ;)

    Thank you very much

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    Redstonechips makes this possible:
    But to make a computer chip, you will need to know a heck of a lot about how computers and stuff work. Also knowledge about binary and ASCII is really useful.
    I've built a computer once. But they won't be able to do more than a simple calculator. Don't expect to build the next Imac in minecraft.

    BTW, a computer (or computer chip) can cause an ENORMOUS lag on lower-end servers. They will eat RAM memory from your server. If you do this, i advise doing it on a seperate server.

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    Thank you very much vivanewvegas. Don't be afraid, we won't build a computer chip ;) We only develop a minecartsystem. Maybe that is the solution, maby not. Our know how shouldn't be the problem. But thanks for the warning. Do you think it would be easeier to do that with the IC's from Falsebook ? That was our first try, but we need much space and our server was busy all the time.

    Maybe we are on the wrong way. So we would be happy if you can help us ;)

    Thank you

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    What does your chip need to do? I mean, Chips can do thousands of things. Does it need to calculate, remember stuff, or time stuff?
    If you know what it needs to do. I may be able to help.
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    We need one, which gets one signal. With this, the chip should be able to operate some turnout before passing it, as well as after passing it.. For now, that's all. If one Cart is using the line section, other can't spawn. Like this, we avoid Collisions. I think, something like IF and ELSE would be very helpful.
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    why don't you try MinecartMania(i think it's the correct name...douch)
    it's a plugin designed for complex minecart railroad with a lot of useful things
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    Try the plugin this guy above me gives you. A lot easier than making a chip with Redstone chips.
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    Ok. Being back in germany, i'll try it. Now I'm in Hollyday in Greece. Thank you both very much. I'll follow up, when I am back ;)
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