Problems installing java 7

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by iforgot290, Apr 28, 2013.

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    I've been trying to install java on centOS for a few hours now, but nothing seems to be working

    I did "yum install java", "yum install java7", and even downloaded and executed the rpm from the java site, yet when I do "java -version" it says command not found

    Anyone have any idea why?
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    Why u post this to bukkit?
    iforgot290 So you don't have problems with bukkit.
    And if you have problems with bukkit, change jre6 to jre7 in your run.bat
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    This is related to bukkit, and ive searched and seen threads like this in this exact forum

    Also, I'm using multicraft, not a batch file to start my servers.
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    You need to Update to Java 7 Update 21 I had the same problem this update fixes it
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    You need to download Java 7 rpm pack, you will then need to manually upload it to your box via ftp. You can then use the rpm install command via PuTTy etc and point the command to the folder directory where you uploaded it to.
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    Already did that :/
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