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    Etsijä the title says, but here goes, anyway: we need a plugin which, when a player joins, lists the online players categorised based on their respective classes (normal, shopkeeper, VIP, moderator, admin). I know such a plugin existed over a year ago, since we used it on our former server. But I cannot seem to find such anymore.

    Any hints?

    For a reference: we use Essentials, and it has a feature that when a user issues /list command, the players are ordered based on their groups. But, alas, Essentials doesn't support such a feature in motd.txt.

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    Currently online: {PLAYERLIST}

    On Essentials Motd :)
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    PLAYERLIST does not list based on groups.
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    Ah well it just lists every player on showing their group color and prefix.
    Which is exactly what /list does :confused:
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    What? For me, Essentials just lists everyone on white - no grouping whatsoever. Note that I'm NOT using EssentialsChat, but HeroChat instead, so maybe that's why.
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    not related to the chat plugin. {PLAYERLIST} is coming from essentials.jar.
    basically essentials cannot do what you need.
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    I think there is an option in the config somewhere that makes it sort them
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    it sets the command /list, NOT the help file tag {PLAYERLIST}

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