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    I have an idea about a mini game plugin. The idea is basically zombie/human survival. I do not really want to get too much into detail here, so please private message me if you are interested(I know I'm not supposed to say that but nothing much I can do :/). Would be appreciated if a couple people could participate in this project as I need this plugin done by next week (Saturday at most)

    This plugin will be used on shadowraze and on a few other servers, plugin devs will be respected and all credits will be given to them!


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    Plugin description:

    Multiple lobbies(sign or command based system to join)
    This will be an infection mini game where people roam around for x time after game has started. Around 25-50 slots. X amount of people will be infected. They need to kill everyone else. Last non infected player will win. There will be different classes/kits for players to choose from(miner, lumberjack etc.)

    Different lobbies will be in the same map, multiple arenas
  2. Please show us all details and if you want to make a private plugin then get a private dev.
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    Added description


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    Do you want zombies to look like zombies or have something like green wool on there head?
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    Oh, I have a game already made almost exactly like what you describe, I'll add you on skype later and we can discuss it.
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    If not aready done, I can try to give it a shot ;)
    Seems simple enough
    Would non infected players be allowed to PvP; Only Infected can kill, Non infected just run? Or everyone can PvP, But Non Infected players cannot pvp other nons but pvp the infected?
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    Found a dev, project is in development. Thanks to those who offered help!

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