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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by md_5, Nov 16, 2011.

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    It seems to me that even after I reply to a PM, it my status goes back to 0 new PM's but then when I look back a while later it goes to 1 new PM even though I don't have any.
    Has anyone else experienced this bizarre behavior?
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    Everyone gets this, md_5. I (personally) believe it's caused by the cache lag between dev.bukkit and the curse site.
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    Yup, this has been noticed by the Bukkit Team aswell (at least, I saw one or two threads about it)
  4. Yep, I defidently get it...
  5. Yep, confuses the hell outta me! :mad: I think its a cache issue.
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    Yeah probably cache lag, but even 17 hours after I read the message I get it this morning.
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    On topic, yes, I've gotten that little green alert many times.

    Off topic, I have to add "defidently" to my list of 99 ways to misspell "definitely." That's a new one.
  8. Yay? :p
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    Silly, silly, sillie, tips48.
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    This issue has been recognised by the staff, thank you for pointing it out for us though :)
  11. Not only PM's seem to have trouble but also the Overview tab where you see your recent subscription updates. It sometime reports all recent updates to be xx hours ago even if they where posted 5 mins ago....
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    I've experienced it once or twice... maybe it's a cache error as said in the above.
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