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    Hey so what I need is a Prison Plugin that can do the following:
    - Reset Mines every 15 minutes.
    - Needs a /Rankup command to rankup.
    - /Rankup needs to use essentials economy unless there is an easier way.
    That's pretty much it.
    When I need it by: ASAP.
    P.S: If there is a plugin out there that does these things please tell me! :D
  2. @feff890 MineResetLite + EzRanksLite
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    Thanks MineResetLite worked great but EzRanksLite is for 1.8. I need something for 1.7.10.
    But thanks for MineResetLite :)
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    Get a version of EZRanksLite under 1.6 there made for 1.7.X
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