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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Blazing_Bomb, Jun 10, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Prison

    Suggested name: PrisonWarps

    What I want:

    I want it to be a per-warp-permission and to have it to where when you type for an example /warp name (that someone set) then it teleports them to those cords with a delay. Also if you can, please make it to where for a example they set the warp "a" that they can type /a and it redirects it to the command "/Warp A" for every warp that gets created, possibility a configuration for what warps gets this, Thanks for taking your time to read this.

    The look i would like /warp to have when anyone types it:


    Ideas for commands: Look below please.

    /Setwarp name {to set a warp with the name they put}
    /warp warpname {to warp to the warp they're warping to}
    /warp {to see all warps they have access to}

    Ideas for permissions:

    - PrisonWarps.setwarp {access to set warps}
    - PrisonWarps.warp {access to use the warp command}
    - PrisonWarps.warp.warpname {access to warp to that warp}

    - PrisonWarps.warplist {access to see all warps that they have access to}

    Ideas for the config:

    #Should this plugin use per-warp-permissions
    Per-warp-permission: true
    #Should users be able to type /warpname to warp somewhere?
    slashwarpname: true
    #Warps shown in order a-z
    AlphabetOrder: true
    #/Warp Command Viewing
    - &7Ranks &8[&a All warps set under "Ranks"
    - &7Donator &8[&a All warps set under "Donator"
    - &7Extras &8[&a All warps set under "Extras"

    #warps under these groups
    Ranks: Warps under "ranks"
    Donator: Warps under "Donator"
    Extras: Warps under "Extras"

    When I'd like it by: When ever it gets done
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    @Blazing_Bomb I would like to tell you that you could just modify or edit the Essentials config to have almost the exact plugin that you are asking for. The only thing's that you would be unable to get is the (/a goes to /warp a)
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    I know about essentials but i didn't think you can edit the warp message iv'e never seen that before and i was really hoping for /a to go to /warp a
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    I might be able to get this done for you
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    That would be helpful thanks :D
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    @Blazing_Bomb hmmm would you like to click this ? == <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url>
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