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    Plugin name: prison wardens

    Version: 1.16.5 (should work with the latest placeholderapi)

    Short description: a plugin similar to the wardens seen on cosmic prisons.

    Full description: essentially in a prison map there’s PvP enabled areas. If players engage in PvP (in the PvP enabled areas) wardens will chase and attack the person who started the PvP, in the PvP enabled area only. If the players leave the PvP area the wardens shouldn’t chase them. If the player attacks the wardens they shall fight back. Each player should have a “notoriety level” If the players kill wardens or other players their notoriety level should increase by 1 - each player’s notoriety level should start at 0 and be reset to 0 if they are killed, it should be saved as well. If a player enters the PvP area and they have a notoriety level of 1 or higher the wardens should chase them. Using a command I should be able to set locations for the wardens where they’ll stay put till a player enters the PvP area. After a player who is being chased by the wardens leaves the PvP area, the wardens should be teleported back to their starting position. The mob for the wardens should be zombie pigmen who are in full netherrite and have netherite swords. (Edit) - something I forgot to mention is that after a warden has been killed, there should be a 30 second delay and it should respawn at the spawn location that was set for it.


    • setting spawn location for wardens

    • Defining a chasing region for the wardens

    • Setting, adding or removing a player’s notoriety level


    • all messages (ie, notoriety level increase, wardens chasing, etc)


    • notoriety level

      (thank you to whoever makes this plugin for me in advance :))
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Sachxn_ Warden was added on 1.19, how do you want to have this working on 1.16.5?
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    Hey, the last sentence of the full description describes this, so basically the warden is just the name of the mob think of it more as a cop that chases a wanted criminal, so the mob is to be a zombie pigman that has the name tag of “Warden”.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Missed that part, my bad.
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    You’re good bro, thanks for giving my post a read :)
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    After searching the really hard through (edit due to auto correct) bukkit and spigot resources, I have finally found a plugin that does exactly what I need granted it doesn’t have the noteriety level, but I can live without that. For anyone who looks at this post and thinks I’d still really like something like this. Here’s the link to the plugin I just found too.

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