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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by H1DD3NxGames, Jan 5, 2015.

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    Name: You Can Choose

    What I Would Like: I would like a prison plugin that you have a pickaxe that you get from a kit... ill set the kit... The pickaxe's purpose is you pickaxe starts at Level one and as you as you mine X amount of blocks your pickaxe upgrade to level 2 (all configurable), and so on till the top level which can be configurable.

    I would like this plugin to support UberEnchants so we can have levels up to 10k (if needed) or if not, just have the level go up as much as i would like up to 10k or so.

    Features to Add:

    Configurable on what pickaxe it is that has all these features

    Enable color codes

    I would like the pickaxe to be nice and colorful with a nice title and lore (configurable).

    You may add your name saying you are the author and so.

    Make it so people can get it from a kit.

    Messages: You may choose the colors
    When a player receive pickaxe: "You have revived the pickaxe (Pickaxe name)"
    When someone gives you a pickaxe: "%Player% gave you the pickaxe (pickaxe name)"
    /(name) Upgrade Pickaxe Msg (To Player): "You upgraded your pickaxe to level %level%"
    When your pickaxe level upgraded msg: "Your Pickaxe has upgraded to level %level%"
    Person Not Found When someone gives them a pickaxe: "The Player (Player Name They Typed) cannot be found"

    Example For Upgrading Pickaxe in config:
    Level one: 'Efficiency 1'
    Level two: 'Efficiency 2 unbreaking 1'
    Level Three: 'Efficiency 3 Unbreaking 2'
    Level Four: 'Efficency 4 Unbreaking 3'
    Level Five: 'Efficency 4 unbreaking 4'
    Level six: 'Efficiency 5 Unbreaking 5 fourtune 1'
    Level seven: 'Efficiency 6 Unbreaking 6 fourtune 2'
    And so on i hope you understand my pattern.

    Pickaxe Colors (configurable):
    (Enchant one)
    (Enchant Two)
    (so on)

    (Mined Blocks)
    (Mined Blockes Till Next Level)

    - /(name) give (player) (pickaxe name)
    - /(name) upgrade - Upgrades pickaxe to next level
    - /(name) upgrade (level) - Upgrade pickaxe to certain level
    - /(name) reload - reloads config

    - (name).Give.(pickaxe name) - Get to give specific pickaxes
    - (name).Give.other - give people pickaxes
    - (name).use - get to use the Upgrade Pickaxes
    - (name).upgrade - You can use the upgrade command
    - (name).upgrade.more - You can upgrade pickaxe to any level
    - (name).admin - Access to all commands
    - (name).reload - Reload the config

    Example On How The Config can look

    TAG: '[Name] '
    Name: (Name)
    (Add The Pickaxe Collors Section Here)
    Need: 200 (How Many Blocks Till Next level)
    Need: 400
    Need: 1000
    Thank you and i hope someone can make this for me.
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    That would be awesome plugin!
  3. With MySQL or Userfile.yml ?
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  5. To save level Pickaxe user. If you save in a hasmap o similiar when restart server ......

    Only know to save datas yml files and SQL BDD.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @alyurbeis Databases aren't needed for this. Flatfile will do.
  7. Flat file is a user file.

    Questions? Request is whit MYSQL o FlatFile ?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @alyurbeis User file? You mean like config.yml or do you mean .dat?
    And you are the dev, you can choose.
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    Wouldn't you just update the lore with the blocks broken. Then you don't need to worry about databases or user files?
  10. Yes, but if you lose your pickaxe you start new pickaxe from 0. If you save Mined Blocks and Level you retreive your pickaxe after lose.

    Sorry my english (Im Spanish)
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    So can anyone make it?
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    @alyurbeis Ah yeh that is true. I didn't think about that... Not sure how you would incorporate UberEnchant into this tho. I could easily make it, just the UberEnchant throws me.
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    You dont need it to be with UberEnchant as long as the pickaxe can go up to level 1000
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    @H1DD3NxGames have most of this done. Will be completed soon. Just working at current
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    Thank you so much :D
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    yes, if you don't mind

    If you do make it, when do you think it will be done?

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