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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Fyyji, Aug 17, 2021.

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    Name of the plugin: PrisonMine enchants

    Version of the plugin: latest 1.8 release

    Description of the plugin: Players should be able to obtain enchantment shards which will have different enchantments on. A player can combine an item and the enchantment shard together in a crafting table to produce that item with the enchantment attached to it.

    The different enchantments needed:

    Explosivity: when a player mines a block there is a 1% chance that there will be a small explosion (that does no damage), and destroys a small amount of blocks near the player. All blocks destroyed by the explosion will enter the player's inventory.

    Dragons Blessing: When a player mines a block of gold, diamond or emerald or their ore counterparts. There’s a 1% chance that the amount of drops would be doubled: e.g. if a player mines a diamond block there's a 1% chance they will pick up 2 diamond blocks.

    Kings Might: When mining a block there's a 5% chance that the player will gain 2 exp levels.

    Momentum: The longer one mines the faster their mining speed will become.

    Scavenger: When mining there’s a 0.5% chance the block mined can be “upgraded”.

    • Block of quartz to block of iron

    • Block of iron to block of gold

    • Block of gold to block of diamond

    • Block of diamond to block of emerald
    Haste: Gives the player haste 3 when mining whilst the player is holding that item.

    Unbreakable: makes the item completely unbreakable under any circumstances

    Aqua Aspect: when a player is holding an item with this enchantment, if they hit a player wearing fire protection armor they lose an extra +1 heart then they normally would.

    Vampire: when a player is holding an item with this enchantment, if they hit a player there’s a 2% chance that the attacker will gain the amount of hearts the player just lost

    Yeeting: Like knockback but instead of launching players backwards, there’s a 2% chance of the person being attacked just being launched vertically upwards by a few blocks (like 2 or 3).

    Leech: A 4% chance that the person being attacked for them to bleed (lose health) for 3 seconds.

    Speed: if attached to armor and worn it will give the user speed 1 until the armor is taken off

    Dragon Scales: if attached to a piece of armor it will give the player a 5% chance that an attacker's attack is negated.

    Vigor: makes spriting consume less hunger

    Blast Imperilment: when someone wearing this armor is attacked there is a 1% chance the piece of armor will detonate and the attacker will be insta killed. And the wearer will be brought down to 50%

    I'm not too sure on how the commands should function but it should be an admin command to get the enchantment shards in the first place. so maybe like /enchatmentshard get <name>?
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    I'm working on it
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    Thank you so much :)
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    I'm sorry, but it's taking me too much time to complete…
    I think I'll leave the project
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    Ah, it's calm don't worry about it.
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    Hello :)
    i made it!

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    do you still need this ?
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