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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by PassiIam, Jan 2, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Mechanics

    Suggested name: PRIME PvP

    What I want:
    There are 3 PvP Type's: Peaceful, PvP & PK
    Player's can be in one of these modes
    Peaceful: You cant attack other Peacful or PvP players and cant be attacked by them
    PvP: You can attack other PvP players and can be attacked by them
    PK: You can attack Peaceful, PvP and PK players and can be attacked by them.
    If you are in PK mode, u have something like Karma. You can have good, neutral and bad karma.
    Everyone starts with neutral karma.
    If you kill someone with neutral or good karma, you slowly turn bad. And if you kill someone with bad karma, you slowly turn neutral or good. For example there is a scale from 0 to 1000 Karma. You start with 500 Karma. If you have 0-300 Karma u are bad, if u have 300-700Karma you are neutral and if u have 700-1000 Karma you are good. If you kill a good player you loose 20 Karma, if you kill a neutral player you loose 10 Karma, and if you kill a bad Player you get 25 Karma (The Karma you get/loose and the Karma you need to be good/neutral/bad should be configurable)
    When you are neutral or good, you just can switch between the modes like you want.
    If you are bad, you arent able to swtich to PvP or Peacefull untill your karma is neutral or good (You should be able to disable this in the config)
    If you are good, you get a little boost or a reward for every Bad-Player-Kill (Reward/Boost should be configurable)

    To switch the modes you can type a command or switch it at some npc's
    The NPC's should look like this: (Picture from the Mine-Lineage-PvP-System Plugin, this plugin isnt doing what I'm explaining here, its just the karma) If you klick on one of the NPC's you have to stand still for 3 seconds (also configurable) then u switch your mode
    The NPC's should be created with this plugin and look like players (I'm using a plugin called MCA, which turns Villager into player, would be nice if you could make this plugin compatible to the MCA plugin:) )

    The plugin should also work with the 1.7.x :)

    Ideas for commands: /ppvp peaceful, /ppvp pvp, /ppvp pk, /ppvp setnpc peaceful, /ppvp setnpc pvp, /ppvp setnpc pk

    Ideas for permissions: primepvp.command.peaceful, primepvp.command.pvp,, primepvp.npc.peaceful, primepvp.npc.pvp,, primepvp.admin,
    And to get the command's and npc's perms as one permission, i also would suggest the permission's:

    When I'd like it by: I would like to have this plugin as soon as possible, but take the time you need :)

    I hope you understand what I mean and I hope you understand my english^^ If there are any questions, or other suggestions just tell it to me :)
    Hope to hear from someone :)
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