Price to host 80 slots?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DaClowns, Aug 18, 2012.

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    Anyone know an average price I would pay to get a server hosted that is capable of about 80 players online, with like 50 plugins aswell?
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    You're looking at an easy $85-150 monthly. (depends on how much quality you're looking for, and how much you're looking to expand) Are you looking for an unmanaged root-access server, or do you require some type of control panel? You're looking for a pretty big server here... Are you HOPING for this many players, or do you already have the playerbase? It would probably be much better to start small and garner a dedicated playerbase of around 25-30 players online throughout the day and upgrade to about 50 slots in order to handle weekend bursts, etc. Don't forget that school is around the corner killing a lot of your playerbase in about a week or two. Take my recommendation and don't go buying a cheapskate server only to see it fail. Keep your uptime strong and start a bit smaller and garner a dedicated playerbase. (For reference, Chunex charges $36/monthly for ~50players recommended. However that's recommended without many plugins. You're definitely looking at a large figure even without a lot of slots due to the sheer amount of RAM your plugins are bound to take)
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    Yeah, I've had my server up for around 5 months or so now, and I get around 40 players online at once during very busy hours at times. I could keep advertising my server and opening more slots, but my home PC can't handle much more while also allowing me to run other programs or play other games. I want to get it up to about 80 slots total, Within a month or so I could easily see the server reaching a high population close to 80. Thanks for your reply.
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    Oh so you already have a home PC hosted server. Then your request makes a lot more sense. I would definitely say have a budget of around $100 and you'll find a lot of solutions available. I can work one out with you if you wish, (contact me on skype: jonchunxd) If you don't want one from me, but from someone else, you can take a look around and shop for an affordable DEDICATED server. You don't want shared minecraft hosting with your population pushing that many players.
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    Around $90. It could be as low as $60/mo. I'm assuming you have a solid grasp of Linux-based administration, as these prices are for budget dedis.
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    I quoted him slightly higher because I assumed he was a newbie to this. He says his current server is home-hosted which leads me to assume he's used to fancy GUI and easy-to-use buttons (windows). It would probably cost him a bit extra to get a server setup on linux along with a control panel (and the CP licensing fees)
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    *points at the very cheap, and easy to use McMyAdmin*
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    Doesn't change the fact that if he's never had linux experience before, things can get difficult unless he's willing to pay a bit extra to have someone do it for him.
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    Servers hosts are very cheap in my opinion. DDR3 ram is so cheap these days yet you pay a lot of money for barely any comparatively, and they advertise their 'packages' without plugins. I definitely allot way to much ram to my server, however i'm pretty sure it just goes to disk writing so why not. Honestly, I would only ever use a host if my network couldn't handle my server anymore. I bought a dedicated pc for around 750 to host the server on and it does well coupled with my internet.
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    May I ask your internet Upload and download speeds? Also, how many players do you host on the peak times of players online on your server? Max slots?

    Edit// Just noticed your sig says 50 mbps, is thast upload speed, and how are you getting 50 mbps from a home-hosted computer? I have the fastest comcast has available, and I only get like 10 mbps upload.
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    You have to request for more upload as they don't really advertise high upload speeds.
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    Do they charge extra? That's probably a dumb question but JW
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    30mbps download and 17mbps upload. I have verizon fios which is how I get those speeds on a home line. I typically host around 20 players around the day, with a max around 60. I don't want a large server therefore I don't want hosting. A small server with dedicated fans is so much better. Large servers are only for owners who want to make a ton of money from donations in my opinion.
    EDIT: [​IMG]
    My internet speeds are advertised at 25/15mbps however I frequently can get a lot higher then they advertise.
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    Nathan C

    Downside of that, is that residential ISP's do not want you hosting game servers and it is against their ToS.

    Then if your power goes out, then the server is down. Also if you were to say receive a DDoS attack........then your whole internet and the server is down..
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    I have a backup battery power for the system power supply. And I have been DDoS'ed before and it was only for a day. Also quite frankly I don't give a damn, I could upgrade to the business line and then be free to host whatever I want without breaking the ToS, but I'd rather not spend the extra bucks on it. Quoting the verizon tos was pretty funny though, lol. But to not get too far off topic, OP is looking at a honest 50-100$ monthly if he's looking for anything decent. The thing is, why pay 100$ a month for a "dedicated" minecraft server unless donations will cover it monthly.
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    *points, again at McMyAdmin's easy install.*
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    hmm I have bunch of dedicated servers that offers VPS with Minecraft/Bukkit pre-configured with the plugins. Owner has root access to the VPS machine and can install everything, including websites etc (it's a full rights machine).

    As of administrative efforts and Linux knowledge, I use templates for my VPS, so the machine is pre-created with latest bukkit, launch script and readme how to proceed.

    AND I believe I am not the only one offering these services :p It is ofcourse dedicated servers in 24/7 datacenter across Europe. I do not want to advertise myself about the offer and prices and I do not have a website about this hosting, but for 100 people slot server without "Server overloaded" $50 is like enough (including small admin support).
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    On the bright side though, you could disconnect your internet and fix the server, then change your MAC and get a new IP much quicker than going through a hosted service.

    My biggest issue is most US-based residential ISP's I've had don't allocate nearly enough upload bandwidth to have a decent gaming server hosted since they are focused on download speeds.

    There are ups and downs obviously.
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    i pay 55$ for a 24gb 16 pcs :D
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    Nice try, owner....
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    Pff, 50 plugins. That's quite much, you know?
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    I could offer you our Ender Package, it comes with 6GB of ram, and could easily hold 80 players with 50+ plugins for only $75 a month, you could even just get the Redstone or Diamond one. Anyway here is my website,
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    That site is the most pathetic excuse for a reseller I've ever seen....
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