Prevent TnT from actually exploding

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    There are lots of explosion plugins, but is there one that actually prevents the explosion? As in instead of preventing it's landscape damage or player damage but actually stop the animation it makes exploding? Because the problem is some guy build about 50,000 TnT (The limit I set on worldedit) and, well it exploded. It won't affect the landscape because of this plugin, but it sure lags the server. I have no backup map, so if anyone could point me to a plugin or provide some advice that'd be nice. Thanks.
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    I think exploding is client-side and the server just eventually gets around to telling the client what really happened. Or, a plugin could be made that actually removes the TNT entity before it gets a chance to explode...but I have not seen any plugins like this either, they all just 'undo' explosions.
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    It is not client side, there are plugins to hinder tnt from exploding or rebuilding terrain after exploding

    see worldguard

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