Prevent 2 players to join from the same IP.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by aehoooo, Sep 23, 2012.

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    I would like to request what should be a simple plugin.
    When a player joins, and he has the same ip then a already connected player, he would be kicked.

    I have many problems with alt accounts, where players have one account to play, and another one to be afk on mobfarms/xpfarms. I do not want to stop those farms, they are a wondrfull mechanism of minecraft, but I would like that if a player creates one, he should loose his time on it, and not leave an alternative account doing it.
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    Not sure this is a good idea. We have five computers and four minecraft accounts. Each of us has our OWN account and a lot of times at least three of us are on at same time doing our own thing many times on same server.

    This would cause you problems with people who want to get on your server that live in the same house. They could not play togeather.

    Not a good thing cause if they want to play togeather they would leave your server for another one.
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    I agree with everything that LexLaiden said. You're going to get siblings, roommates, couples, friends, etc., who aren't going to be able to play on your server... Although if you're willing to lose a lot of people for that... *shrugs* . I just know that I wouldn't. :3

    Who is "we"?
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    My family :)

    You know, people related and living togeather. :)
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    Doesn't Essentials have an option for this? Or maybe I'm thinking of NoCheatPlus?
    If either of those don't, I must just be tired.
    This feature would come in very handy if a griefing community attempted to launch an attack on your server through a proxy. I had my server hacked back in April. Turns out there had been something like 5 different suspicious accounts on from the same IP.
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    You could search after a plugin which kick afk players :)

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