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    Plugin category: Any

    Suggested name: PotionsOnCommand

    What I want: Basically a plugin where I can set commands in the config that will give the player a certain potion effect upon using that command. For example I will set if someone does /kit sonic, it gives them Speed 1 or 2 for an infinite amount or like 10 minutes.

    Ideas for commands: No commands, all in configuration

    Ideas for permissions: None

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    Thank you :)
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    In either vanilla or with Essentials, you can give effects to with /effect. I'm sure some kind of permission node can give what you want to specific people.
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    Noo.. I want it to be given on a kit I can't give members permissions to /effect.....

    And if like 10-20 people are choosing this kit every minute (kitpvp server) how would I know and keep giving it to people?

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