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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by cammerplayz, May 21, 2020.

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  1. Plugin category: Cauldrons

    Minecraft version: 1.15.2

    Suggested name: PotionCauldron

    What I want: When you throw certain ingredients into a cauldron full of water, the cauldron emits a particle above it (customisable in config) and you are given a custom potion. The potion can be created in game then appears in the config after doing so, so when you open the potion creation GUI (more in ideas for commands) you drag and drop the item/potion that appears after the emission of the particle. The item order is determined from the items put in the config/command, if the items are put in the wrong order in the cauldron, nothing will happen, if its put in the right order then the emission and output item will be displayed in the cauldron.


    If possible can you allow the amount of ingredients put into be configurable and editable in game instead of 1 ingredient, you can have multiple. Also allow the use of custom input items (if possible).

    Ideas for commands:
    /potion help | Lists commands

    /potion create <name> <emission effect (particle)> <ItemsUsed (can list e.g. allium, blaze_rod,oxeye_daisy> | Creates a potion, opens into a GUI where the user puts in the potion output item/potion

    /potion view all | Views all potions

    /potion recipe <potion name> | Lists recipe items

    Ideas for permissions:

    potion.create | Allows the creation of potions | Allows use of /potion help
    potion.view.all | Allows use of /potion view all
    potion.recipe.<NAME> | Allows viewing of a potions recipe

    Suggested Config format for each potion: <Edited>
    Potion Name: Example
    Item input:
    - blaze_rod
    - oxeye_daisy
    - allium
    - gunpowder
    Potion Emission:
    - Happy_Villager
    Potion Output:
    - (Item/Potion that was dropped into the GUI)

    When I'd like it by: Whenever Possible (Max 3 weeks)
    If there are any issues then please reply, I would love to see this become a thing
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    Hello There

    I Will Try

    I Should Complete It Within A Week Or So

    I thought about it, I think every time you craft a potion, the water level will need to decrease (And I added that).

    If that isn't how it works, tell me and i will remove that

    What You're using this for? (eg. public server, private friends server)

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  3. The water level dropping sounds fine, and public server
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    Can there be other items when crafting? Like if I make a potion that takes emerald and gold, but I throw in emerald, gold and dirt. would it be still able to craft? Since its a lot easier to make if the items are limited (No dirt).

    If you need it a lot, I will change it. Currently I'm making the limited only ingredient version.

    Also, I might able to make custom items OUTPUT through Serializable (Im lazy).

    Can the output potion be the output item, or it is a new potion with effects

    Sorry, I'm a lazy developer.

    I Don't have much time these days, so that will delay the release D:
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  5. Sorry I actually failed to put this in the main thread (which I shall edit)

    1) If the emerald & gold went in first then the potion will be created, but if possible I would prefer it so if you put in the wrong ingredient in the wrong order (in this case gold -> emerald) then nothing will happen, if its in the right order then the potion is created. The order will be determined through the 'Item Input' such as in the example:
    Item input:
    - blaze_rod
    - oxeye_daisy
    - allium
    - gunpowder
    The order would be blaze rod, oxeye, allium, gunpowder, if its in the wrong order then nothing will happen, if its in the right order the items are removed and the output item appears in the cauldron.

    2) The output item/potion would be more beneficial/helpful because it means you can put in rpg items, so preferably I would like it to be an item that comes out but that item can be anything.
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    For the first one it will make my job a lot easier, so I will do that.

    For the second one, I will try since I never use Serializable before (The thing that stores the information).

    For the first version there will be only custom item output, but later one I might add custom item input.

    This is more like a cauldron crafting thing

    EDIT: I found a better way to do no more Serializable, Yay :D

    Can I remove the potion effect section since you are using custom item output, you can just use something like give command generator to get custom items (If you are using essentially remember to do minecraft:give).

    I changed this into a more RPG crafting, you can even craft swords using this

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  7. Ok nice, effectively it is basically cauldron crafting but the main use is potions because normally you don't put items in a cauldron that automatically make a sword. The custom item input would be great if you could do it once the output is done!

    The potion effect section can be removed (edited in main post), and the rest sounds fantastic! thanks so much!
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    I'm Sorry To Make You Wait So Long, But I Don't Have That Much Time
    Quick Question: Do You Wants The View All To Be A GUI Or A Chat
  9. In GUI please, if possible, when it gets filled you have to click an arrow in the bottom right saying [ &7Next Page ]
    and one in the bottom left saying [ &7Back Page ] If you're on the first page then you can't go back one because there isn't one to go back on so if you could make It so the [ &7Back Page ] only appears from the 2nd page onwards!
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    I'm going to make a soft deadline of the 10th, I will take most of my free time to do this so it won't be long till this comes out.

    I'm working on this 30-60 minutes per day
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  11. Thats fine, I can't thank you enough, so thank you very much! <3
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    I'm Currently Degugging the Plugin, Will Be Out Soon.
    Currently, I Have:
    View All Menu
    View Recipe
    Reload Config
    Create A Recipe

    I just need to get the ingredient check to work
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  14. Thank you!!! <3
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    Machine Maker

    If your request has been completed, please mark this thread as Filled.
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