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    Plugin category:
    Admin, Anti-Griefing

    Suggested name:
    Potion Protect

    What I want:
    Basically a protectiong plugin found in servers like LegendaryCraft or Level Up Minecraft.
    Here is a basic video on how it works,

    I know that precious stones does the same thing, but I really enjoy the idea of using potions to protect land.

    I would prefer is this had Towny support, and that these potions can not be brewed the only way you can make them is by buying them with the signs (which you can set).

    Maybe add custom messages when you buy/use a potion and the maximum amount of protected regions one user is allowed to have, maybe also add a tax rate (which can be set in the Config) so players have to pay for their regions and if they have no more money in their server balance the region is deleted.

    There are no plugins that can do this (and believe I look high and low) they are either currently under development or inactive, I have no idea why no one has made a plugin like this I think its a great idea.

    And instead of glowstone in the air maybe add fences around the area on the ground?

    Ideas for commands:
    • /protect (Tp you to the protection "hub" where potions are sold)
    • /protect help (open help page)
    • /protect list (list all the players regions if not named give them ID's like 0,1,2)
    • /protect name (name your region)
    • /protect info <name> (gives you information of you region selected like members etc.)
    • /protect greeting (add region greeting)
    • /protect farewell
    • /protect delete <name> (delete region)
    • /protect about (tells you about the developer of the plugin :))
    Ideas for permissions:
    • potionprotect.*
    • potionprotect.player*
    • potionprotect.region.*
    • potionprotect.admin*
    • potionprotect.player.use.5 (lets you use a 5x5 radius protection)
    • potionprotect.player.use.10 (lets you use a 10x10 radius protection)
    • potionprotect.player.use.20
    • potionprotect.region.add (lets you remove players from your region)
    • potionprotect.region.remove (lets you remove players from your region)
    • potionprotect.region.greeting (lets you set region greeting)
    • potionprotect.region.delete (delete your region)
    • potionprotect.region.farewell (lets you set region farewell)
    • potionprotect.admin.bypass (bypass regions, if your using worldgaurd for protecting this will probably be useeless)
    • potionprotect.admin.delete (deletes another players region)
    • potionprotect.makesign (to make signs to buy potion's)
    • potionprotect.player.tp (tp to protection "hub")
    • potionprotect.use.signbuy
    • potionprotect.player.list (list thier regions)
    • potionprotect.admin.limitbypass
    • potionprotect.player.town
    When I'd like it by: I'm not picky

    Also look at another request I made http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ipblock.105672/

    And by Towny Integration I mean players who don't have the potionprotect.player.town can't protect land in towns.
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    Sadly i looked at that before his post wasn't very detailed and the link someone there gave us is a "dead" plugin i even contacted the maintainer he said he is no longer interested on working on it
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    I can add the functionality to use potions rather than blocks to PreciousStones rather easily. Also I really like the idea. Please add the request here so I don't forget and I'll add it to the next version.
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    Really thats great!
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    This will be AWSOME !
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    If you're still looking for this, check out my new plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/potionprotectionbyaciid
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