Possible Bukkit/Minecraft bug

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by tywilly300, Dec 18, 2013.

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    I run a 1.7.2 Bukkit server, I realize that it is in development and I respect that bugs are going to happen. I'm not complaining just trying to help the Bukkit team move along. I recently have been getting knocked offline(I host the server at my house) and while getting very frustrated at this, I did some testing. I can go through the details if anybody wants more info on how I got down the far, but to keep it simple I will only talk about the bug. When getting knocked offline I realized that this was getting logged.

    [20:29:23 INFO]: GameProfile{id='null', name='ryancoulter'} (/ lost con
    nection: Disconnected
    [20:29:27 INFO]: GameProfile{id='bdc7a9f0030b4fbd8fd2f789fb41ae71', name='FishesRUs'} (/86.
    130.119.2:60848) lost connection: ?4Banned:
    ?rThe Ban Hammer has spoken!
    [20:29:35 INFO]: GameProfile{id='null', name='ITSbraeden'} (/ lost conne
    ction: Disconnected
    [20:29:43 INFO]: GameProfile{id='null', name='ryancoulter'} (/ lost con
    nection: Disconnected

    I noticed that 'id' for each player that was instantly disconnected was 'null' whereas players that were banned had a full 'id'. Now I don't understand how the Minecraft login system fully works but what I do know is that each player is confirmed with Minecraft.net for authenticity. Minecraft.net returns a unique 'id' and each server uses that to authenticate users. Notice a 'null' id, obviously they aren't legit. Im also assuming that what happens when they get kicked is the socket isn't closed correctly or they keep the socket open.
    If anybody else is having this problem please speak up. This is probably a Minecraft issue so that won't be helpful to Bukkit, but at least it's out there and someone knows about it.
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    same problem :(
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    I have same player null issue thing is some of my players dont even get kicked or disconnect.
    I hope its fixable. I see what looks like player kicks from the null player thing to. But I have never had a problem myself with loggin in. Let me know if you find a fix. PM me please and thanks. Ill post if I find info as well.
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    I sometimes get the same error but when I restart my minecraft launcher it then works.
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