!!!! POSER copying server ORIGINALITY (server ideas and plugins) (COPYRIGHT MY IDEAS?)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by zecheesy, Aug 7, 2012.

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    Even then, you could view the page source and view the image source...

    You could try this:
    Disable right clicking
    Create an /images folder
    create an image.php file
    Limit your image folder, so only localhost users can access it. (e.g. php engine)
    now to put the image on the site, you link this image: image.php?img="vip5"
    The php file could check if the request was sent from your site (this info is included in the headers) and if it's not from your site, it sends a copyright notice or just nothing.

    Maybe you can even do it without the php, so only users on your site can see the image.

    Some web dev's might be able to explain this further, give you actual code examples.
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    Advertise his server multiple times on PlanetMinecraft.com under different names. I've gotten two massive spam bot attacks from advertising on that grief hole. I got lots of good legit players too of course so nobody get on my ass about dissing the site. Anyone who wants to cause harm will naturally target a large and popular site like PM.
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    PrtScrn, paste into MSPaint, crop. You can't stop people from taking images that are publicly displayed.
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    Yeah I was going to mention about prtsc

    I can make a slideshow or video!
    Or I can make donate commands ingame and display the picture o.o

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    Deleted user

    Doodled on it? Son, how old are you?

    Oh, and zecheesy , I happen to know that this account is for your alias, icheesy , who is a plugin fraud, etc. Find some of his/her work here.

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    Get over it, make new better stuff, and work on your server, ignoring his.

    All this right clicking/.htaccess/etc stuff simply wont work against a clever person. The bottom line is that when you put up a web site / mc server /etc., your stuff is sent to people's computers, and people can and will occasionally copy your stuff.

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    I was just asking for help and advice.
    I guess my bridge will be spam n ban :)
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    Anything created by you is automatically made copyright to you - meaning nobody can use it without your permission. You could write an email or such with correct grammar/English asking them to desist from using your content. If you wanted to go as far as pursuing legal action, the content has to be registered with the intellectual property office.

    Other than that, just include your servers name or a URL or somethin' prominently in the image lol.
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    Of course you would be, the difference is, Google is a large scale company with more money then a lot of us will even dream of having. They have their own legal team who takes care of all copyright infringements. The question is, do you have enough money to afford the lawyers to even lodge the copyright case, let alone fight it? It's simply not worth the time nor money for minecraft.

    If you made your banner your self using Photoshop etc, then it is automatically copyrighted to you as long as you can prove the date of creation is before his. If you used a website or banner maker to make the banner, you don't own the copyright to it. If you want to officially copyright it through your countries copyright federation. Once again, it's not really worth the time nor money to lodge an official copyright entry for a minecraft server. If you ran a company that runs large scale game servers on the other hand, it may be worth lodging a copyright on your website and contents. (Not the servers themselves)

    Also, don't spam on his server nor send people to do it. It will do nothing more then give you a bad name, not him. A server owner who is willing to lower himself to the level of spamming someones server will come across as desperate and immature regardless of the situation.
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    Nathan C

    Get over it........... your banner is not good anyway.
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    Just make a new and improved one. For the million'th time said.
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