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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Sparced, Mar 6, 2011.

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    Hi all, Sparced here, I have been able to portfoward on my old router, But now I bought a Thomson 546V6 and it can't seem to foward, I used www.portfowarding.com, Chose the thing, AND THE PORTS STILL ARNT OPEN, Please, I am desprete, I have 5 people wanting the server to open,I don't wanna let them down.
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    Are you using your external or internal IP on the portforward? If you have multiple devices on your network it will most likely be your internal IP, if you only have the one computer try your external IP.
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    So my external IP is,
    If I put this in 'Device list- User specified', Do you think it would work?
    Just tested, No. Here is a screeney

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    It's actually http://portforward.com/ but that's beside the point.
    Here's my setup so you understand.
    1 Router
    3 PCs (only 1 of those PCs as my Minecraft server)
    In my router, I port forward the 25565 port(Minecraft default) for my PC's IP address(not external), the one my router gave it, such as possibly If your PC's IP ever changes, the settings you made no longer work, so try to make your PC's IP static if you can. The external IP is so your buddies outside your network can connect to your server, since the PC's IP is normally hidden behind the external IP. I actually found instructions that might help you for your specific router below...Good luck!

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    I know your trying to help me here, But I do know what portfowarding is, (Trolled :D) I might just ask my computer wiz to help, For now I'll just use Hamachi, Please keep trying to suggest methods.

    Oh an @Solentice. +2 cookies for you!
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    Haha, thanks!:) They never state to use the external IP address for your router's portforwarding, but might be worth a try. It says that in the "Protocol Port Range" and "Translate To..." boxes in your router settings(looks like three empty text boxes) they should all have the 25565 and hit apply. In the settings page before that one, "Game and Application Sharing" page, you then assign the rule you just created to your specific PC, which should essentially show up in that drop down if it's on the network. You would have to know which one is your specific PC, or I guess manually add the external IP. Then you click the Add button to enable those settings.
    I'm not saying it should work for you, but I also used their instructions to set up my router and have been playing fine ever since.

    FYI...To then test my ports, I usually run the Minecraft server, and test if my 25565 port is open with a page like http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ , which says that my 25565 port is open on my external IP. If I close the server, and check my ports again, it will always say it's closed because no other application should be using that port.
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    Solentice, *Faints* your like the most helpful guy ever, I did what you said with 3 things, The router IP, my internal IP, AND the external IP. (the one you see in the screenie), I wonder whats wrong.
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    Have you tryd port range?

    If i where you ill buy an Linksys router witch you can install open-source firmware!

    Im running DD-WRT on my WRT54G.. witch is very good, it never dies and keeps my LAN pretty fast! it could be faster, but im satisfied!

    I suggest you to buy an more expensive and better router! Linksys E2000 is a very good router, it has all the new standards!

    its around 99 dollars, best buy you can make!
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    Sorry Sparced, I'm running out of ideas...Is your modem/router on the latest official stable firmware available? Also, maybe you might want to check that the Speedtouch's firewall is off in the settings. Then run the server, test the port again, and if still fail, turn firewall back on. Last resort might be to go back to old modem[​IMG] and just get a separate better known router like Linksys or D-link...
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    Thanks Sol, I use hamachi for now, But I can always switch internets if im desprete.
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