Poll: Which SSP mod would you most like to see implemented into ItemCraft?

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Poll: Which SSP mod would you most like to see implemented into ItemCraft?

  1. Finite Liquids

  2. NetherCraft

  3. BuildCraft

  4. IndustrialCraft

  5. CoralReefs

  6. Millenaire

  7. Mystic Ores/Gems

  8. SteamCraft

  9. Planes Mod

  10. More Creeps & Wierdos

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    I think he said just vote here. I don't think you can add answers once it sarts. Just post a vote to the thread...

    Planes FTW!
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    Go planes!!!
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    Ahh nah, once the poll is started I can't edit what entries to show - it's limited to 10 too. The poll was mostly to give people an idea of what's been tossed around as suggestions in the main ItemCraft thread, without having to sort 80 pages of 'WTF help! tl;dr', so I made this poll at asgaard's request. The complete list of what's been requested is in the OP, though all ideas are welcome. If there's a different one you want, just post it - vote still counts, even if it's not represented in the poll. All the votes, poll and thread posts combined, will be tallied the same - after spamming and duplicates are filtered, of course. <3
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    Definitely Xie's Farming Mod. I need more farming stuff to do in mine and my friends multiplayer world! :D
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    Is this something official? Will someone actually patch the top voted plugin or is it just a random poll..?
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    its official read the past posts ;)
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    I think there are mods which have no sens with others. For exemple what is the sens of having celling stairs if there is microcubes which is a lot more interessting and more useful?

    EDIT: With a lot of mods which are going to be port on itemcraft, i think that the mod torch anywhere can be very useful because i notice that a lot of new block no accept torch on it like table of itemcraft or microcube. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/119361-166-tehkrushs-mods-plasticcraft-and-stuff/
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    we seriously need more monsters for multiplayer
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    You can already download mo's creatures. -.-
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    port plans and guns!!!!
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    does mo's creatures work for SMP? thought it only was for singleplayer
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    yes, you can get it to work with mp using itemcraft
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    looked that up and yah you could.
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    dont worry about oresgalores im the one who made it. im porting it to item craft on my own hehe impatient if i get it working ill post a link for it on itemcraft's post
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    I want finiteliquide!!!!but when a mod in your list is ready??
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    Excellent :) I'm sure asgaard would appreciate that - he's probably got his hands full with just keeping ItemCraft and his ported plugins afloat, what with the new RB out and all.
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    im gonna try my best i have like no java knowledge at all just enough to have made my mod lol but ive already got it working in sp and smp so now just a matter of figuring this part out lol im trying to get zid to help me a little i just need 1 block and 1 item example i could have it done today

    im pretty much gonna rewrite it for itemcraft my mod adds over 20blocks and about 100 items FTW
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    Ahh. Asgaard has documentation for the ICTranslator on the ItemCraft wiki - most questions you may have can be answered there, as it was helpful to me working on my own projects. With your mod adding as much as it does to the game, it probably goes without saying you might want to document any conflicts you get with other 'official' (read: asgaard-ported) mods, so his thread doesn't get flooded with nub. Not like anyone reads the OP anyway :D But still. Good luck to you! :)
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    epic fail =( i dont understand any of this lol oh well at least my mod works on single player and minecraft server. oh well I tried I followed the tuts dont help much when you dont know any java =( one day.

    I vote OresGalores hehe since I wont be able to do it cause i failed
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    FiniteLiquids and IndustrialCraft are a great combo. I can wait for planes.
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    I'm not partial to Planes or the Airship/Zeppelin stuff myself, but that's only because I have flight enabled for most of my server. Saying those mods aren't worth porting would be small-minded of me, as I'm sure plenty of people would like that. Inversely I liked Coral Reefs because it makes things pretty and adds personality to the environment - something a lot of people that don't build stuff underwater wouldn't really care much for. There are so many good SSP mods out there and so few people with the skill or volition to port them. I'm sure whatever's chosen will end up on most everyone's custom servers anyhow, so I guess patience is the key for everyone else. :)
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    Microcube would be cool, but cant tip for it :(
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    BTW When does this poll end?
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    Ooh That throw-able tnt looks fun!
    I Second That vote.

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