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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by CasualVortex, Jan 14, 2017.

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    PoliceDog Plugin
    How the Plugin Works: The way it would work would be if a player had a certain item on them such as a drug the dog would scene the item on you and would start barking and stay close to you. The way there would be dogs would be there are cops which would have the command and permission to spawn a dog. I would like to have multiple items that will be detected and it would be entered in the config by the item id.


    /policedog spawn - This will spawn the police dogs
    /policedog despawn - This will despawn their police dog



    Extra info:
    The dogs would spawn with the name K-9 (blue)
    Version for: 1.11 +
    The dog will not hurt the player that has the item

    If anymore information needed post a reply!

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    How would they bark and "go on" the player?
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    If they had a certain item on them the dog would start barking

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    You can use NMS to create this "custom" dog which would move towards you if you had an item on you.
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    Yeah but how? Like the dog starts sending chat messages with "BARK" or what?
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    @Skrubzy no like it barks like in game not in chat

    Can you link me to a page that could help me out with it or if you can do it for me, but if other players have dogs they will do the same things right because if so i dont want it like that
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    I guess you mean the wolf bark sound, because its impossible to add external sounds.
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    Resource packs but yes the wolf bark sound.

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