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Do you think that a police dog plugin would be a good idea?

  1. Heck yes!

  2. No. Just a useless plugin.

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    So I just had this crazy idea. I was watching a youtube video about wolves in minecraft, and then I thought, "why can't we use this as an automated server protection system?!"

    • If a person does something wrong on the server (i.e. griefs or plants tnt/lava), an automated "police officer" will send a message saying some thing like "WARNING: DO NOT GRIEF" or "WARNING: PLACING TNT IS ILLEGAL"
    • If the person continues on doing this illegal action in the server, a police hound (wolf) will spawn next to that person and attack him.
    • If the person kills the wolf, then more wolves will spawn and so on until the person is dead
    • After the wolf has killed the player, the wolf will despawn
    • From there the person can either respawn at the original spawn point, or there could be a jail where he/she is put for the time being until an admin deals with the issue
    • There can be a bypass statement which allows admins to do whatever they want without being attacked by the dog
    Essentially what this will allow you to do is not have to worry about people on your server doing bad things (plus it would be hilariously fun to see a guy killed by wolves ;)). This could ultimately lead to a fully automatic policing system.

    If any of you are rather good at making

    plugins and feel like you're up to the challenge of

    making this plugin a dream a reality, please

    comment below :cool:
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    "Just being honest"
    There already is a great jail plugin, adding attacking wolves, is kinda, dumb....
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    I disagree. I think this would be hilarious revenge... Sending to jail is boring/unfun.
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    yeah i agree i think if possible that would a great addition to the jail plugin
    edit: esp if you could make them walk with the npcs until engaged
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    I like it
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    The idea is more so to combine all of those great things together into one, fully-manageable package. I don't have any knowledge on how to make plugins (I'm more of an html and css kind of guy), but I'm pretty sure this is possible to do.
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    I think you should direct your suggestion to the jail creator to be honest, no ones gonna take on a brand new jail plugin, when there is one, very very near perfect one already.
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    oh okay i get your point :)
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    working on this one. Although wolves will not attack normal players, but just guard jailed players.

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