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    On servers with Bungee where you spawn (even in left in another world) in the Main Lobby but say you went into the survival portal you'd appear where you left in the survival portal, not where the portal leads to like what Multiverse-Portals do.
    Is it possible to do it on one server so that when players leave they will spawn in the main lobby but when they somehow get to the survival world they will spawn at the place they left.
    I'm not sure how you could do this and what way you could do it, hence that I have left the commands and permissions out.
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    I have a bungee server and in the hub server I made a simple plugin that will force you at the spawn point for that server when you join, but using the server portals around the hub or going to another server's IP directly, it'll put you where you last were when you logged out, if that's what you're wanting. It's just a simple force-spawn plugin.
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    The Fancy Whale

    This probably belongs on the bungee forums
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    I'm not talking about Bungee, I'm saying that it's like Bungee.
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    manky94 So when they change worlds put them back where they were last?
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