Plugins you consider Must have?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DaClowns, Jan 23, 2012.

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    What are plugins you consider required to run a server?

    Edit: Also In server properties, where it says gamemode=0, what happens if I change it to like, 1?
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    Here are a few "essential" plugins you might want to have when making a server:
    • WorldGuard - Protection from fire, tnt, creeper explosions, etc.
    • WorldEdit - Helps building, repairing landscape, etc.
    • CommandBook or Essentials - General Commands.
    • LogBlock or Hawkeye - Block logging and griefer rollbacks.
    • bPermissions or PermissionsEx - Determine what commands players can and can't use.
    • Multiverse - Allow easy managing of more then one world.
    As for the gamemode=0 in the, this will determine what gamemode people have when they login, gamemode=0 is survival and gamemode=1 is creative.

    Hope this helps
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    Same as ryanclancy000, but I would argue that AdminCMD is a better plugin than Commandbook. Don't even consider Essentials.

    Logblock (soon to be Guardian) and Dynmap are pretty important to my server as well.
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    Its amazing how many kids follow the few people who don't like it (usually the clueless ones who cant set anything up) and say this yet have no idea what they are talking about. Its mostly the kids who download the entire essentials package, drop it all in and complain IT NU WORK
    I run quite a big server with a few of the essentials plugins, and its one of the greatest plugins, hands down, period - would never imagine running without it. It just takes a bit of well organized and proper setup as well as a bit of brain. Not to mention the amazing developers behind it who update it day by day, and handle bug reports within hours - and do such an awesome job on it might I add.
    /end rant
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    I can't go without WorldInventories. It prevents players in creative from freeloading to survival.

    Also AlwaysSunshine for creative world. Building epic things at night pretty much sucks.

    And of course Biomed and Chunkster, if you kept a world from beta 1.3 you know why.
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    You have a problem when even devs even tell you not to use Essentials. There are certain "hacky" things that Essentials does that inherently break other plugins, like overriding any conflicting command without the ability to disable that feature.

    Sounds like you're one of the whining kids who doesn't know what he's talking about.
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    Lol. Ok.
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    not worth my time
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    Personally, I think some things can look really cool at night ('specially some of the things you can build in creative). :p
  9. Offtopic, but welcome back - not saw you in some time. Remember Buycraft? ;)
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    Does your head contain a brain?
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    Le sigh. Now I remember why I don't frequent these forums.

    I'm not saying that Essentials doesn't work. It's just more prone to problems than other plugins that do the same thing.
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    <rant>I must say, essentials is mandatory on my server. Ever since I started my server Essentials has been there along with Group Manager. Problem is, this permission nightmare. Would someone please just agree on ONE standard and stick to it? Why do we need so many permission plugins? Why don't they all work with the same options? I love my '*' node for owner. Why do i need to add EVERY single node to have it's permission? </rant>

    Now, I love OpenInv. What's not to like about opening another players inventory and removing what they stole in real time? Also, Towny, I love the ability to grief in the wild while maintiaining order in the towns. Thats what makes SMP manageable. And lastly, iConomy and Chest Shop. Those two allow my users to buy/sell items to each other without the problem of trading gone wrong. So instead of one diamond for a stack of coal, now its one diamond for X ammount of dollars and you go buy your coal.
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    Nice, I don't know how I've never run across this one. Seems really handy!
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    I would say epicdeath

    It's good and funny

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    I run a Friendly Server, so griefing not an issue.

    PermissionEx - Something to edit permissions while playing, this one I like best
    Multiverse-Core - Or some Multiworld handler, this one works and works well
    WorldEdit - Editing world when needed (Some people like Voxel Sniper)
    WorldGuard - Protecting Areas, I did use residence but WorldGuard is better support buy other plugins.
    Some command Tools: I use Essentials, but may be moving to CommandBook, but it does not have "/Fly".

    Spout is not a requirement, but does open options, still a little sore about loosing all my worlds custom blocks in 1.1 to 1.2 upgrade. A decision needs to make early spout or not Spout and Stick with it. Although the teleport smoothing was worth having for, but that's not working right now

    If you plan to have a currency economy, Vault is defacto standard. It you just want to have people trade stuff and use items as currency, Physical Shops does wonderful.

    When I added a Creative World the following were added to the "Must Have"
    - With opening World Edit in the creative world, ability to go back and repeat edit commands is great.
    - Alias help as well for things done over and over, like converting steps from one material another.
    Multiverse-Inventory - so I could keep creative items out of other worldss.
    Any you will really have to know your PermissionEx setup backwards and forwards.

    If your going to hand-make custom areas, McEdit is next to a requirement. Not a plugin, but making the changes offline then transferring in will keep crashes down.

    Some nice to have, but only if wanting an "Easy" server:

    Cenotaph - puts a chest with there players suff where thy died, keeps complains of death.
    McMMO - Add skills gains for non-combat actions. Again, this is a flavor choice.
    AlphaChest - virtual chests and workbench, so they can craft anywhere and have some death proof storage while play.

    You should always have a "test" version of you server that runs on your computer, from time to time copy the entire world down, and use it to test our plugins and upgrades before dropping them on your players.
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    ame as ryanclancy000, but I would argue that AdminCMD is a better plugin than Commandbook. Don't even consider Essentials.
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