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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by daemitus, Sep 2, 2011.

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    At the moment, im trying to have a hard-dependency on SimpleClans.

    Im using a completely empty plugin that does nothing. Except that in the plugin.yml, it has depend: [SimpleClans]
    I receive UnknownDependencyException: SimpleClans

    If you goto the plugin.yml of SimpleClans, it has name: SimpleClans, and the JAR is also named SimpleClans.jar
    So if bukkit is not looking for either of those cases, what is it looking for or what the hell is going on?

    If I change the filename of my empty plugin to zzzwhatever, it loads fine, because it loads AFTER SimpleClans does.
    Apparently the logic that its supposed to skip over hard dependencies if theyre not loaded and come back later isnt working properly?
    The tricky thing though, is that I have a similar do nothing plugin for towny, and yet it works fine and temporarily skips over the hard depend letting towny load.
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    Well ill repeat what I said earlier, pretty much from what I have found when a plugin hard depends on a plugin with a softdepend the harddepend plugin will fail to load. Maybe someone could test this but I believe to be a bug.
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    My buddy MD_5 has made a breakthrough. Apparently this is a conflict with softdepend and depend.
    SimpleClans has softdepend: [Spout, Permissions, PermissionsBukkit, mChat]
    myPlugin has depend: [SimpleClans]

    So I assume, the logic goes as such.
    myPlugin pauses, waits for SimpleClans to enable
    SimpleClans pauses, waiting for those 4 to enable.
    Bukkit stops looping.
    myPlugin errors out, UnknownDependencyException
    SimpleClans enables, softdependences, doesnt care.

    Unless someone actually knows what the code in question is and can prove me wrong?
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    Should this be moved to the plugin dev section?
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    Yes it should be. I am amazed that you got any help at all in this section.
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    Moved to Plugin Development.
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    No we didn't get any help. I'm working with Daemitus and was the one that discovered the cause of this (bug).
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    I've stumbled across that bug too, when I was trying to hook into LWC. Except this time, I was using LWC as a softdepend...
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    Ahh its the thread necromancer!
    @_ralts but seriously when I get the time I need to investigate this
    I read somewhere that when you depend on something bukkit does
    Load your plugin
    Realise it depends, pushes it to back of queue
    Loads other plugin
    Realises it depends on another plugin, pushes it to back

    We now have an infinite loop until bukkit does real dependency resolving.
    Might add this as feature / bug request
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    Yeah, I read that quote somewhere too, months ago. Im pretty sure I submitted the bug back then.
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