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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by LHammonds, Mar 5, 2016.

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    Points of Interests 1.2.0 by Limeth no longer works on Spigot since 1.9 due to the use of GetOnlinePlayers method.

    The author has not logged in for years and is not likely to return (I did send a PM though).

    The plugin was published under the GNU Public License v3 which means its allowed to change/share the code.

    Looking inside the .jar file, I see .class and .java files. The .java looks like source code so that should help ease the update process.

    Is there anyone willing to update this plugin that was designed for CraftBukkit 1.6.2 to work in Spigot 1.9?

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    @LHammonds Regardless of the license, forum rules are that we are not allowed to release 'rebuilt' versions of the plugin without the author's permission.
    He last logged in December 2014, so it's unlikely we're going to get his permission any time soon.
    My recommendation would be to either edit this request or make a new one, which would be a clone of the existing plugin, along with the explanation that the original project is ded.
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    The author's permission is in the license he has given for the plugin :p Just make sure you follow the license.
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    If there were no license, it falls back on "All Rights Reserved" which requires explicit permission. However, the author gave permission by specifying a license...that license is the permission. But I did send a PM asking if an update could be expected but as stated, this author as been absent for 2 years which certainly doesn't classify this plugin as "current"
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    @LHammonds Hey, I can update this if you're still looking for someone.
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    That would be great! You are the 1st one to offer. Thanks.
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    Just run specialsource on it:

    java -jar BuildData/bin/SpecialSource-2.jar map -m CraftBukkit/deprecation-mappings.csrg -i MyPlugin.jar -o MyPlugin-fixed.jar
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    Ok, so I've been able to get the plugin working for 1.9 (mind you I've only done preliminary testing. loading it on a server, creating a point), now it's a matter of making it deploy-able. Given that the previous owner is AFK, what's the process? Should I set up a new Points of Interest? Do you only want the .jar file?
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    Thanks drbojingle, the updated plugin works perfectly!
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