Plugin to Stop Block Glitching?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by chakyl, Jan 29, 2013.

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    What I'm referring to is when players break two block high walls in protected regions, and glitch on top due to server lag.

    Closest video I found of the glitch:
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    Not possible to prevent this afaik.
    You can also get over by trying to build a block and jump on top of it.
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    If you use faction you can stop it a little with the damage option (Damage people breaking and placing in territory no theirs.) I believe this is something to do with how lazy/slow minecraft sends block updates? I know I read a post about it somewhere.
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    I need something like that that works with WorldGuard...
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    I never used Painbuild, thought it only effected you if you actually break the block not while your in the process.
  6. Don't anti-noclip checks/plugins prevent this?

    Problem will still be that such low walls can likely be jumped over with hack clients somehow.
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    No need for a "hack client". It has always been like this. Just place as quickly as possible blocks below your feet, and you can make it over walls in protected areas. Depending on your skill and the server's lag, you can make it over 2 to 4 blocks high walls.

    Though I don't really see the problem with this. I mean, whatever thing it is they enter with this trick, that thing itself is protected, so what is there to fear if they make it over the fence?

    And if you really have an area you want not everybody allowed in, you can always deny-entry with WorldGuard, or similar functions of other plugins.
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    What's there to fear? My death, my pets, my cattle, sethome'ing inside and torturing me constantly... It's a pvp server with no rules against griefing, so WorldGuard is sacred to my players. The smart ones build several layers of walls with doors everywhere and nothing valuable in between the outer wall and the house inside, to prevent this kind of attack. However, the newer players may think a 1o meter tall wall will keep them safe, and then scream hacks to the seven heavens when someone manages to get inside via this trick, and I feel bad for the poor fellas.

    It's not 2 to 4 blocks, btw. Some people lag too much for X reason and can blockjump much higher than that.
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    Well but doesn't that mean that things are - and should be - a bit rough?

    Maybe something like this
    could help with the animals at least.
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    I like it very rough. The problem is that this is a glitch. This isn't supposed to happen. To an observer, blockjumping looks like flying. To the untrained eye, it IS flying. If I didn't have NoCheatPlus, I would ban people for doing this because it looks just like flying or spider'ing. You should not be able to climb walls just like that.

    The same thing goes for ender pearls letting you cross walls. I had them disabled entirely until I found this magic fix. I wish there was something to stop blockjumping, but apparently it's technically impossible to block so I'm waiting for someone to pick up the slack and make a WorldGuard-compatible painbuild plugin.
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    asofold made something cool today:

    NoCheatPlus 355 includes this already but its not done yet. I will also give it a try now and see how it works :)
  12. To the server side this should actually be flying, because there are no blocks at any time :) - if anti fly plugins don't block this then it is bugs.
    Jumping into a block that is still there would be the duty of a noclip-check, though steps in jumping height are not very safe per se, probably a hit with knockback will get you over the wall with the right timing.

    I would not be too fast with praise ;) - i am not sure this change really affects this that much. If i try block-jumping the vertical accounting prevents it basically (y change back up in descending phase).
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    Seem to work fine for at the moment. I give it a try with WorldGuard active now but we need a LOT of testing of course. Maybe its fine maybe not... who knows ;P
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