plugin to disable player created nether portals

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by slimpyman, Dec 23, 2011.

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    I am wondering if there is any plugins that will ddisable players from creating a portal to the nether... id rather have 1 portal in and out in a town. Thanks for any help on this subject.... btw does 1.0 run better then 1.8? After running like 10 plugins, server would get laggy with over 8 people online
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    Umm I can't say 1.0.1 runs "better" but its been out for a little more then a month now and is pretty stable. And now Bukkit has a RB for 1.0.1 plugins wont be such a pain to find.

    As for the portal thing... I think Bukkit Essentials has a setting in the config for this. But I am not sure as I have never used it. Hopefully others can give you a better suggestion for a plugin that does it better.
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    Thanks for the suggestions... ill have to check into it.
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    I don't believe any plugins that can do this have been released. I'd happily make it for you, but I don't see where to start.. I could block placing of obsidian or using flint and steal, but I'm not sure that would work the way you want it..
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    but there is also an igniting the blocks with lava...

    well... Bukkit essentials is called what plugin. im havin a hard time finding stuff.

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    Bukkit Essentials is the actual name of the plugin that or it's just essentials. If you are running Bukkit without essentials (or an equivalent plugin) you may as well be running on the vanilla server client.
    You should be able to find an up to date version here on the bukkit main page in the "get plugins" tab.
    EDIT; To confirm Essentials does indeed have a way of preventing portal creation. Not sure if OPs are exempt from this though.
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