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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Andomeda, Apr 18, 2011.

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    Hello lovely Bukkit Community ;)

    I got a question i search a plugin that i couldnt find...>.<
    I had for 6 weeks a Minecraft Server running on Bukkit there i got the useful administration Plugin i think it called "iSee" with it you can see in the Inventory like a chest from a other player and can move the things.
    Now i got a Server again with Bukkit and I search this useful plugin but i canĀ“t find it -.-
    May somebody has a link for me or information?

    Sry for my bad english^^

    My data:
    Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    4 GB Ram
    1 TB HD
    AMD Phenom X6 Processor
    Server is running on Nitrado
    Ty :], Andomeda
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    Well the only plugin I know so far that supports this is Essentials (Search it up on Bukkit Forums)

    Then use the /invsee command. Or something like that, there's an entire documentary on it!
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    Thank you i got Essentials and i know the command /invsee but there i cant drop items -.-
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