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    i want a chat thing like this.

    video starts @ 5:20

    the credits is economy supported.

    at the chat you see they have a rank before their name. that is based on the leveling system based on kills/deaths and kdr.

    i want it make into a call of duty plugin with 3 gamemodes:

    control point.

    if you can do this for me then thnx :3


    /lvltext(shows the whole text on top the chat/hides it)
    /setzone[name] (sets 2 corners of the zone has to be atleast 20x20 and 10blocks high.)
    /setteamspawn[team] (sets spawn for a team)(each team per wool color)(kits supported as well)
    /setteamflag[team] (sets team flag)
    /setcontrolpoint[name](sets a controlpoint.)

    MCArena.buildzone(gives them permissions to set a zone)

    name can be MCArena or somethin like that

    i can wait for anything under a few months.

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    What you are asking here is a ton of work so if you don't to wait as long i suggest you do a couple of things

    You can cover a lot of these functions by combining a few already existing plugin for example

    • there are several arena style plugins you can get. Try "Wars", "MobArena", and always the search bar on "bukkitDEV" cause it can sort plugins by genre! eg (look in combat related plugins)
    • The prefixes can be added by any permissions plugin combined with several others
    1. I use "Essentials" for prefixes
    2. there is also one on bukkit dev called something like "prefixes???" :) easy to find with search
    • Next you want those prefixes to be tied to players pvp or kill status
    1. To achieve this you need a plugin to promote the players at certain kill thresholds. There are already several plugins that do this
    2. Now make groups in your permissions that form a promotion chain (Noob > Midrange > Pro)
    Players will rank up after a certain number of kills,
    This will change the players permission group, (note that all the groups can be the same in terms of permissions)
    Prefixes are tied to Permission Groups!.

    Congratulations, you now have all the ingredients at hand to make your dreams come true, and you said 1 month? you could have this working tommorrow if you spent the time on it!

    PS. I think you'l find that the server you linked probably just did something like i've described with already existing plugins rather than having their own plugin.
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    yes they did they used war and changed it up a bit.i am a noob @ java so i dont know how to combine plugins

    yes they did they used warhub and changed it up a bit :3 i am a noob at java so i dont know how to combine plugins.also name a plugin that does the group promotion.i already have essentials prefixes.
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    Bpermissions is my favourite and i've tried most. (P.S you always need "Vault")
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    By c
    By combining plugins he doesn't mean by coding them together he means by using these plugins in conjunctions itch each other


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