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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Kodauer, Nov 6, 2013.

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    For the server I manage I'm in need of a, again, simple player-title plugin. Everything that I've tried on the bukkit list of plugins is out of date or simply doesn't do what I need.

    For example, I'd like to give a personal title to a specific player, and have the ability to remove and add titles as I see fit. There doesn't have to be more than one title per player. Colors would be nice to customize.

    If you find anything that works please link me here. I'd like to avoid essentials or any large "group manager" plugins - it's against the spirit of our server.

    If you code it, you're awesome.

    Sorry if I'm breaking any forum rules - this is literally my first post.
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    So what are you asking for me to make? something like groupmanager but just titles such as [Owner] [Admin] [CUSTOMISE] kind of thing?
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    Jaitiso I think he means the Server title Like

    Servername Welcome Loller! (Costumable) (And Costum Colors/ Different Colors per title)

    If Loller is looking at the title

    Kodauer If this isnt what you mean it to be, sorry!
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    just saying...
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    I have a non-released plugin named "pTitle" which gives players titles in the chat based on the permission they are given.

    For example: if the player Notch as the permission chat.title.admin his name in chat will be [Admin] Notch instead of Notch. If it something like this you are looking for?
  6. Kodauer
    So you're looking for something that gives a player a prefix in the chat? I'm a little confused. If you specify a little more I can do this :)
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    Mathias Eklund

    Yeah, more information would help a lot, as the word "title" means a lot of things
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    Sorry for the late reply -

    Yeah, a player prefix. For the guy that posted his plugin - it's basically what I want, but I'd rather avoid using permissions. The title is a reward for a weekly contest and it'll probably change player to player every week. Something I could edit in game would be preferable.

    In chat I'd like it to look like this - Consider Example players Notch, Kodauer and Dinnerbone:


    [Owner] Notch: I like cookies!
    [Best-Person-Ever] Dinnerbone: Me too.
    Kodauer: I wish I had a title!

    It's a stupid example, I know, but couldn't think of anything better in the moment :p

    Anyways I'd like to be able to edit whatever's in the parenthesis. Ie. [Owner], or [Best-Person-Ever]

    Color support would be nice. Again, no permissions, just a chat icon add on that I can easily remove and add with a simple command. ie. /title give Player [Title], and /title remove Player. Oh yeah, be sure these commands are ONLY granted to operators of the server.

    Thanks for the responsiveness and willingness to help. :)
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    You can change player perms in-game...
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    I've tried several of the plugins posted, but I forgot to mention an important point - We mainly use the factions plugin. This has produced several issues.

    Whenever I change a person's prefix, it removes their faction tag. One plugin displayed the faction, but didn't post proper enemy, truce or alliance coloring. This is getting really frustrating.

    This is what I want to see:

    [Faction] [Prefix] [Player-Name]: Chat Message

    I've decided to now use a permissions plugin (PeX), just for anyone's reference. I'm well versed with the plugin, but I need a chat manager plugin that won't override the faction plugin's faction prefix manager.

    Sorry for the trouble.
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    I solved this myself a couple weeks ago using only essentials, PEX and factions.

    Note - This solution is for anyone who wants to keep ALL faction tags (including factions_relcolor) functioning correctly in chat with the addition of a simple prefix. Consequently, the arrangement of faction tags and prefixes can't be controlled. It ends up looking like this (which is exactly what I wanted, luckily):

    <**FactionName Prefix Player> ChatMessage

    Another Note - You DON'T need essentials chat for this to work - just the core essentials plugin is fine.

    In the core essentials config, there's an option to let essentials force a prefix, if a prefix is defined in the permissions file, onto a player's name. This doesn't mess with faction tags, letting them display properly. Any permissions plugin that hooks into essentials and provides prefix support, PEX in my instance, should work.

    If you don't like essentials, like myself, you can pretty much disable all the commands via the config. You can even remove the ugly red message someone gets if they don't have permission to use a command via a custom messages file (look on the essentials wiki).

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