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    Plugin category: Admin Tools (I think?).

    Suggested name: MobAgg

    What I want: I'd like that, mobs wouldn't be aggressive. What I want to say is: When you come close to mobs, they won't attack you, unless you hit one, than 3 (or more) monsters with the same type would attack you.

    Ideas for commands: You could make one command for setting how many mobs with the same type will attack you if you hit one. Or you could make separate commands for each mob type.
    Ideas for permissions: permission for OPs, for e.g. mobagg.setmobagg

    When I'd like it by: As fast as possible. :)

    [if there is similar plugin (with the same possibilities) to this one, please give me a link to it. Thank you]

    P.S Sorry for my English (It's my second language :))
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    You could make a worldguard region with mob-damage deny.
    /rg define whatever
    /rg flag whatever mob-damage deny
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    But what about how many monstes will attack you, and I want to make that with the whole world. It would be nice to make plugin just for that (for mmorpg server)
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  6. scdogas321 This doesn't actually seem all that complicated. I've a few projects on right now, but should be able to get this sorted in a couple of days unless somebody wants to do it sooner.

    scdogas321 Haven't actually tested but here you go, should work. Let me know if anything goes wrong. https://www.dropbox.com/s/frw32uxzf1ilyhb/MobAgg.jar

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    AdamQpzm I'll test it as soon as I can, and I'll report you later today.

    AdamQpzm Well I've just tested it and I have a bad new. First there's one good thing, that mobs are not attacking you while you're not hitting them. And the bad new is that when you hit the mob just one of that mob type attacks you. Command /mobagg not working. I've tested it with few types of mobs - Skeletones, Spiders and Creepers. When you hit Skeletone just one of them attacks you (The one you hit). With Spiders is different. Command with them is working I think? Sometimes when I set /mobagg to 2, when you hit Spider, 3 of them are attacking you. Well you get the point :). Is it possible to fix? And if you're free guy and have nothing to do you could make an upgrade of that plugin if possible cause I have new idea. IF YOU WANT TO UPGRADE IT READ MORE. It's actually the same idea, but the differents between them is that you can set /mobagg for each mob type separately. For e.g. /MobAgg spider 3.

    Sorry for asking so much to do :(.

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  8. scdogas321 Will look more into this over the weekend.
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