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    Ender Dragon Attack
    Ender dragon attack is a plugin in which every 10 minutes (configurable) an ender dragon automatically spawns with increased (configurable) health and damage that it can do. When the dragon spawns the server will broadcast &5&lAn Ender Dragon Is Attacking (configurable msg)! And then in chat a msg will be sent to every player in the server It will say "Do you want to attack the dragon?"
    YES If you click yes (in chat) it will teleport you within 10 blocks(configurable)of the Ender Dragon
    NO If you click no (in chat) then, the purple bar that displays "Ender Dragon" (it's health) will disappear for ONLY the person that clicked NO, also if someone clicks NO they won't be able to attack the Ender Dragon nor take damage from it.
    Whoever does the most damage to the ender dragon (ED) will receive a configurable reward.This award can be anything from a potion effect, a bow enchanted with power or a new command/node.

    eda start - eda.start Force spawns in a ender dragon attack and resets the 10 minute timer- see above for more details​
    eda start 2 - eda.start.multiple Spawns in multiple enderdragons for the ED attack​
    eda stop - eda.stop Stops the Ender Dragon attack and resets the 10 min timer​
    eda reload - eda.reload Reloads the plugin​
    eda.timer.reset - resets the amount of time for the next ED attack to start automatically​
    Almost everything must be configurable.
    eda.setspawn - sets the radius in which the enderdragon will spawn at. ​
    The amount of health the Ender Dragon has, How fast it is, how much damage it does to a player etc.
    The name of the enderdragon must be configurable.
    I also would like the dragon to be immune to all tnt/explosive damage.
    How many Ender Dragons are spawned (configurable)​
    Please make it so the enderdragon cannot fly through glass.
    Thank you for your time.
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    Hmmm, seems like a cool/interesting idea. If/when I can get my dev enviroment working, I might try to work on it.

    A few suggestions to make this a little more programmable: Have the reward be given via a command. I.e. you can run the /give command, the /effect command, or a permission plugin command. This makes it very easy and very configurable.

    To teleport to the dragon, just have the person type in the command /enderdragonattack yes (for example). That would just be simpler.
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    hm okay whatever works :)
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    Nice idea man! I'd like to wait until who can created it to download it!
    But I am very exited to wait until this plugins to be 'born'!
    Whoever knows how to coding please help, (I just know a little bit :p) very exited!

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    Thanks! I was pretty bummed to see that I can't ask for private plugin :L
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