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    Suggested name: JaffaCakes

    What I want: I'd like to have a plugin which can give you a command which give you jaffacakes. nad the command gives you cookies but renamed as Jaffa Cakes

    Ideas for commands: /jaffacakes

    Ideas for permissions: jaffacakes.allowed

    When I'd like it by: maximum date by 10th
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    not sure whether it is possible to rename an item.... (other than weapons)
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    This plugin is possible, just not worth the time.
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    very true
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    I can make it...
    I would like you to pm me first.
    This plugin seems sort of like a waste of time, and not many people would use it.
    I could make it for just you, and not release it, since it seems like something only you need for your server.
    Message me and I will talk to you more about it.
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    Pretty sure I could make this tomorrow easily if lcpvp hasn't already.
    Get back to me by then if you want.
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    Could you possibly tell me how you would do that? I looked at some code from another renaming plugin, but it seemed overly complicated.
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    Yes, I would love if you are able to do it :)
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    Here you go ! :D
    Download here.

    /JaffaCakes - Gives a cookie named "JaffaCakes"
    /JaffaCakes <number> - Gives the amount of cookies mention named "JaffaCakes"

    jaffacakes.allowed - Permission to use /JaffaCakes

    Here is how I did it. :D Pretty straight forward. ^^

    public static ItemStack setName(ItemStack is, String name)
            ItemMeta m = is.getItemMeta();
            return is;
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