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    So this is my request...

    I need a plugin for monsters level range, that can be setted in certain defined areas.

    I mean, example:

    /mobarea define [name] - define the area by coordinates or world edit, and assign a name to it
    /mobarea levelrange [level1] [level2] [area_name] - sets the range level of the monsters who spawn into the defined area previosly
    /mobarea setboss [level] [area_name] - with this we can set a boss to a determinted area
    /mobarea remove [name] - removes a defined area
    /mobarea reload - reloads an eventually config file
    /playercap - sets the maximum level players can obtain in the server

    Each monster level have to be more difficult to kill, with more health, and will be doing more damage, maybe over a certain level they can use "skills" on players, effect such posion, blindness, nausea, fire etc. but randomly not every hit, or they would be impossible to kill.
    The level of the monsters should be shown over they're head, maybe with a custom aggro range, with something like "name lvl 20" etc. (name = the mob name) maybe with colors based on lvl range difference from players, example a lvl 1 see the mob name lvl 50 red, but on same levels is white, under player level is green, then blue. (example).

    There need to be a maximum of monsters spawn into that area, such as, theres 5 mobs, i kill one, it will respawn after a certain time, but not more than 5
    Also i need to block the "autokill" for the monsters on day light, they need to spawn even if thats day or light, and doesnt have being autokilled by server fire or anything...

    The monsters can walk around but not go out of that area defined, and if a player aggro a mob, and run away, the mob should go back to his position after a certain distance.

    A player level is needed also, which will increase based on a experience system, killing monsters, which will give an amount of exp each monster kill, more high is the difference btw levels more experience they get, but if is it too high it gets low exp (to prevent abuse), also if too low, it gives less each lvl far away, 'till it gives nothing more.

    each monster it have to drop also random items (in a range of some items predefined) with a percentual of successfull drop, also have to drop random moneys between a range predefinited.

    Maybe integrate all this with a party system, with a maximum of member, so players can join party's and go kill monsters togheter, if a player in the party kills a mob, the exp will be distributed into the party with all players (maybe within a distance).

    Is it possible to make that?

    I searched a lot but found nothing that fits my needs...
    It would be for a rpg server

    contact me there for any info or asking questions about!
    Even if you can't do it exactly as i explained, well, take a try on your own :)

    Thanks you!

    UP.. anyone who could help please?

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    Up again, can someone help please?

    I'm using ancient rpg, but i would like to have custom levels mobs as i said before..

    any way to bridge it?
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    Hi blcksys,

    I'm currently creating a new plugin.
    My plugin it's mainly for my minecraft servers, but I prefere let him Open Source.

    If you want, you can suggest your request to the github of my plugin :

    Your request interesting me, if you create an issue to my github, I will create this command into my plugin.

    You can also read all wiki of my plugin to see all new adds :

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    what kind of plugin is it?
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    He just spams that all over the forums.
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    ah thanks to tell me..

    btw bump.. anyone?
  6. I don't spams that all over the forums, I said that when I can add your idea to my plugin who contain many adds, it's an ALL-IN-ON who are util for my minecraft server it's just that... lol !
    Why you speak without known who I am Reteckz ?
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    Ok but, will be compatible with AncientRPG plugin?
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    The people who request a plugin would like that specific plugin. Not a plugin with 20 other features inside of it, which they don't need and will result in unneeded memory usage.
  9. And this is a reason to be unpleasant with respect to what I say and what I write about different ideas that I want?

    I explain to people that their idea interests me and if she will want the plugins that I developed, and therefore they will be able to use, why do you have a problem with that?

    For the moment I create a new issue in my github that you can see here (, if you want add a comments to this issue for add an details functionnality, it's welcome :) !
    And after that I will make the compatibility with AncientRPG, I will create this functionnality, and after I will create a new issue (or you, you will can create a new issue on the github of my plugin) for that be to compatible with AncientRPG.

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