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  1. There are plugins that allow players to train abilities and skills that are sometimes very powerfull, like levitation or teleportation.
    There is at least one plugin, dwarfcraft or something like that, wich let players choose between two gameplays : the normal one and the long progression one.

    Now what if players could be gods with powers depending on non-god players choices and actions ?

    This is the idea : a gods and worshippers plugin, à la Populous.
    Players would be able to play as normal human beings, just like we're used to... or to become gods with almighty magical powers.
    Those powers would allow those gods to do most of the things OPs can do like
    - using super pickaxe
    - invocation of items with /item or /give
    - world modifications with worldedit
    - fly or use of magic carpet
    - teleport and jumpto
    - summon monsters
    - hurt or kill people or monsters
    - protect zones against griefing
    - ... and whatever I don't think of

    Incredible powers... except they're limited by :
    - the unability of a god to act as a regular player : unable to use normal tools, to craft, and to do anything except using his special powers (maybe even moving ^ ^ )
    - the amount of mana you have as a god.
    > no mana = you can't do anything

    To gain mana, a god player will need players to worship them.
    - for each follower, a small amount of mana would be gained periodicaly
    - some player actions like
    - killing an other god's follower​
    - sacrificing an other god's follower (gives more mana, but has to be done in a specific place)​
    - making offerings (for instance, giving 100 cobblestone blocs to a god would allow him to alter 200 blocs in the world)​
    - mana pools created and protected by followers would give more mana over time

    How do you become a god ?
    I see 3 main options :
    - you choose at your first connexion between being human or god, and you stay this way for a month or something like that : you have to be sure of what you do or you may be stucked as a powerless god
    - any human can have followers and will become a god when he has enough of them (let's say 10). He would go back to humanity after severaly days (let's say 10 or 20) without enough followers to maintain his god's status
    - any human can choose to become a god by fullfilling a special ritual, like having to jump from the highest pit down to bedrock, dieing there and reborning as a god. As in first option, going back to humanity would require a long time.

    All this would need a lot of thinking and balancing (mana costs and gains) but I have a feeling it's a nice idea.
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  3. are you suggesting other powers gods should have, or did you just not read what I wrote ?
  4. a week later...

    I can admit (if not understand) that no one is interested in this idea, but I would have thought you, MisanthropX, could have at least answered my question...
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    @Catox ,
    Acknowledging your idea. I think it has some fun potential.
    I may play around with this on the side if I get some spare time. But to any other devs looking at this, please don't let me stop you if you're wanting to go for it!
  6. Thank you for your answer ^_^
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    I really like the concept of this idea. Not that I would use it on my server, since we are way to few players (Private), but I really like the concept.
    I don't think the plugin should necessarily implement all the powers, but rather move the player into a God group that could be set with Permissions, so each can have their own configuration of what a God can and can not do.
    But I like the concept of followers that follows a player, and that player becomes a god.
    I like the idea that the god isn't as a normal person, and can't mine or chop or hunt or whatever, but has other capabilities.
    I would prefer such a plugin to not really include the feature of disabling building and mining for the gods, but have a seperate plugin that can be set to disable these things using Permissions.
    I think a player should be able to sign up for God status, and they will then be entering a list, where players can vote/follow the players that have signed up for God status, a player can change to another god, but a player can't support more than 1 God. When the God gets enough followers he will become God, when the followers fall below a threshold he will become human again.
    I also like the idea about mana (sacrificing items, blocks, gold, diamond) into a God chest, which will give the God power to do stuff. Without players sacrificing for the God he basically can't do anything.

    I basically only see one problem, there should be some kind of safeguarding, so players can't turn a player into a god, and just leave him there without sacrificing to him which would basically render him unable to do anything.
    Maybe some kind of safeguard that besides having enough players as followers, also requires a steady flow of mana for the god to continue being god, when he completly runs out of mana he will become human again. Thus players that would like the God to use his powers to build stuff would also have to keep the God alive by supplying mana(sacrificing items). Thus if no one sacrifices anything, the God can just use up his Mana and then become human again, or the Mana could decrease by x amount each hour or day.
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