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    I'm going to start by saying that i have no idea if this will be possible, however...

    Idea: DJ plugin

    Outline: use a cd to play songs in the server files. (already converted to .ogg songs)
    Extra: Use a server file to be the Server pack, rather than a hosted link.
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    Email: [email protected]

    I would like a plugin that uses a folder in the server files to store a huge compilation of songs. Then iI would like these songs to become part of the 'server resource pack' and therefore update in the persons client.

    The plugin could update the title of the song file to the name of one of the discs. I am not asking for any file conversions in this plugin, so every file in this folder will be in the format of name.ogg

    The last thing I would mention if this isn't possible. Can someone make a plugin that uses a server resource pack through the server files and not from a website.

    If you have any questions that you wish to ask me about this idea, i would be happy to answer them seeing as i know that i am not very good at describing things.
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    The server can't say the client: Play ogg song xyz. It can send players fake noteblock usage.
    Just used Google and found this hoster that allowes direct file linking - there you can upload your resource pack.
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    It's currently not possible to send resource packs to the client.
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    You cansend the client a url where he should get a texture pack in 1.5

    Was that ability removed in 1.6?
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    Yes, it has been disabled and removed in 1.6

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